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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Quilted Crow

l was able to revisit the Quilted Crow in their new location this weekend. And what a delight it was. They have a new sign out front, just so you know!! But both Dierdre and Leonie were away on holidays, so no visiting with them. Boo Hoo!! Their infectious natures make visiting this quilt shop so much fun.
Dierdre's daughter was looking after the shop, so l wandered around and snapped some photos to share.
They have loads of samples to tempt you. This quilt in front is from the Summer
Gatherings book by Lisa Bonegan and Carole Charles. in fact, there was lots of samples made from this book around the shop.

This log cabin quilt looked right at home on the antique bed.

The main body of the church. Class rooms are behind me.

Standing at the front door, this is the view when you first enter the shop.
Some delightful hexagon quilts.

Lots and lots of wool samples, kits and wool for sale.

They run a mini quilt club called Laura's Legacy. Here they are on display.

Dierdre brought this radio flyer wagon home on her last visit to the states.

This quilt is called the Hopkins Quilt, and its one of their patterns.

These were my purchases. Sorry the photo is sideways. After seeing so many samples from this book in the shop, it had to come home with me. Lots of yummy stuff inside. Beware!!!
And these pincushion patterns are designed by the girls.  Called Weekenders, they are designed to be made in a weekend. l particularly love the pineapple.

In fact, l'm off to find some wool to make a start on this one, even though it's not the weekend.
Thanks for visiting with me at the Quilted Crow.