Friday, August 13, 2010

Ballarat Quilting Weekend.

Some time back l booked in with my friend Bev, to attend the Ballarat Quilting Weekend. In the past, this has been such a popular quilting retreat, they used a ballot system to choose attendee's. Bev and l found out that one particular class had not filled, and we could just ring and book in as they were keen to fill the class. It was our good luck that the class was being taught by Di Ford, who just happens to be the exhibitor we have for Quilts In The Barn this year. We managed to have a sneak peak at the quilt recently and snap a few quick shots, which you can see below. There is a hexagon centre, surrounded by broderie perse, a scalloped border, and then trillions of diamonds, followed by a lovely squares on point border.

When it came time to choose my fabrics. l started with these 2 packets of Civil war tribute fabrics l bought in Houston last year. Just love them. Then when looking back at the quilt photos, decided that there was not enough color variety, so l went digging in my sewing room last night.

l decided that l needed to choose what colors l wanted to use, as piles of fabric grew around me. Then inspiration struck in the guise of a basket of purple fabrics l had been collecting for a special quilt. So based on the above colors and with the help of my purple basket, l decided on purple, red, brown and pinks. Not your pretty purples, reds, browns and pinks, but the muddier dirty ones. As you can see below, the piles grew beyond expectation,  and now instead of a small pile of fabrics, l have a bag full. They say variety is the spice of life!!!!! Probably not all fabrics will make it into the quilt, but l can see several scrappy quilts coming out of the bag in the future.

Playing with fabric is so much fun. The part l don't like is cleaning it back up after the event, and trying to fit it back on the shelves whence it came from. Needless to say, that job is being left for another day.l need to get my priority's right. l have a retreat to pack for and the girls will be here in less than an hour. Di is picking us up, so a chance to pick her brains on the way, or just share lovely quilty chatter.

Thanks for visiting.

P.S. Kathie, you will be pleased to know the photos enlarge again. Don't know what l did!!!!


  1. Lucky you. I love the quilt and your colour choices, every quilt needs some purple !. Enjoy your retreat, will look forward to a follow up when your return.

  2. I'M SO JEALOUS!!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend stitching with Di and am looking forward to seeing a report when you return. It's a beautiful quilt!

  3. Linda Those fabrics are just gorgeous. Hope you and Bev have a wonderful time. Love the quilt:-)
    You will have to blog all about retreat :-)

  4. Wow! That quilt is really amazing! I love your piles and I'm sure what you make will be awesome!!

  5. What a great quilt!! I'm collecting Civil War fabrics, don't have a plan yet. And I totally agree playing with fabric is so much fun and putting it away is so not fun -LOL!!

  6. What a fun weekend you would have had. Those gorgeous muddy fabrics will look great with that pattern. It would be great to do a workshop with Di. I love her Phoebe quilt.

  7. I love the photos of your fabrics piles. If you get tired of them please send them my way. I will take very good care of them.


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