Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The people you see in NYC!!!

My friend Bev arranged for a group of quilters to get together at the
Russian Tea Rooms on the first night the exhibit was open.
The Bloggers -Lto R- Lori- Humble Quilts, Jo Morton_ Jo's Journal, , Mary KovalSue from l Sew Quilts, Me,  Diane- Quiltmaker, and in front, Vicki and Jan - What a Load of Scrap

This photo below is a group shot, minus the DH's who were taking the photo's.
l count 18 women, but l think a few were missing. You can just imagine
 the quilty talk around the table that night!!!!

Then on Sunday we had this group shot at the exhibit.
From L-R Randi, Bev, Lorre, Me, and Kathie from Inspired by Antique Quilts.
It was a great delight to finally meet Kathie. We have been emailing for many years.

On the Sunday, we were joined by some of my quilting friends from back home.
Chris and Sandra also made the trip, and we enjoyed many wonderful times together.

Well, our time in NYC was amazing, almost as amazing as some of the quilts we saw.
Its been a busy few week since l came home, lot's been happening, and there is lot's planned for the next few months, so while l hate to leave the red and whites behind, its time to move on to other  STUFF!!!
l still have to go back and fill in the few days between here and when we arrived in NYC!! Wonderful times  happened in those few days, and they deserve to be shown.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Dear Linda,

    so amazing and so happy visiting your blog.

    Thank you so much for your detailed Pictures of Red-White Quilts. Just amazing!

    Greetings Heidi from Salzburg

  2. Great posts of red and white quilts. Thanks Linda for sharing such treasures with us. Is there a photo of Kathie? Welcome home - Hugs Nat

  3. BONDS THAT TIE! That's what the red and white has done.
    You have posted some great photos Linda.

  4. it was just amazing...
    I am still dreaming about red and white quilts!

  5. It's nice to put some faces to very familiar names. What a wonderful meeting of minds it must have been.

  6. I was missing from the second photo.....:)

    it was such a wonderful time. I'd love to see more of your photos.

  7. A star studded affair! The stuff memories are made of.

  8. How nice that you were able to connect with so many quilters/bloggers while in NYC. I'm still jealous of your exciting trip to the exhibit. Not sure why I wasn't paying more attention to add it to my trip to the east coast for work a couple weeks ago. Oh well. I've certainly enjoyed seeing all of the photos in blogland!

  9. Thank you for posting the photo's of the Red and White Quilts! I so wanted to go to that exhibit, but couldn't! You all look like you had so much fun...

  10. You have some wonderful friends that you met up with, it must have been such a thrill to meet with them and at such an auspicious event.

  11. Lovely to see some familiar faces and put some new faces to familiar names.

  12. What fun! I loved seeing these faces...to put names to their blogs! Red and white quilts rule!

  13. Happy Easter! I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your photos and the virtual tour of this exhibit. Ipyiu are so kind to take the time to share all of these with us. I am so happy for you, being able to meet with so many....trip of a lifetime!

  14. Oh Bev was with you?! And you met Kathie there too! Geez, Kathie and I have emailed forever too! Next time when I don't have a big trip planned for Australia I've got to meet up with you all. What a great trip this must have been. Hmmm, wonder if I could make it back for your red and white show?!!!


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