Thursday, May 26, 2011

OH MY!!!

Look what was waiting for me on my return from Sorrento!!
It was like xmas, so many envelopes with my name on them.
 l sat on the floor in the hall, sorted through them, then had loads of fun
opening them, and reading all your names.
You will find a list of contributors at the bottom of this post.

And inside all those envelopes were all these!! 
Look how many more blocks there are to add the pile.
Many of you included notes and cards, some with stories of survivors and those lost.
There was even a few swatches of fabrics, that will be included in my tumbler
quilt l am making with all Jo fabrics. l am overwhelmed with the response.
THANK YOU  all from the bottom of my heart!!
l know there is still a bag of blocks to come from Jo, she has been collecting some for me,
and they will arrive next week. l feel confident we will reach our target of 140 blocks. Again, a huge thank you to everyone who has sent blocks. Can you spot your's?

This is the pile of quilts that came home from Sorrento. Some went as just blocks,
some went ready to be bound and some went as ideas in my head.

When l have had time for the dust to settle, and this weekend is over,
 l will show you all the fun we had. l am heading soon to the airport to pick up one
of my sisters, who is flying in from Brisbane. Then this weekend,
we celebrate my Mother's 80th birthday. Quite a milestone.

Thanks for visiting.

Blocks received this week.

Fay Dunstan *
Eileen Olsen *
Alison Gardner *
Christine Bates *
Marjory Yip
Catherine Hutton
Sharon Panagaris
Linda Dassenko
 Jan Smith
Mary Hickory
Randi Mulelid
Mimi Stubbs
Ava Conchelas
Jenny McHenry
Susan Price *
Stella Smyth *
Teresa Romes *
Hilary Streefer *
Joanna Marta *
Claudia Ramirez *
Maureen Gray

* this means they all came in the same envelope.
If l have neglected to add a link to your blog, please let me know, and l will fix it. Many thanks.


  1. Happy Birthday Linda's Mum!!! I just love seeing all those blocks. It really must have been like Christmas opening all those letters. What a wonderful pile of quilts, I'm impressed at how much you achieved during your time away.

  2. What a fabulous pile to come home to. I know some of your contributors. It's a small quilting world isn't it.

  3. You're teasing us with that little pile of quilts.
    Enjoy your time with your family.

  4. Glad to see that my little block made it's journey successfully. That quilt is going to look fabulous.
    Enjoy the birthday celebrations.

  5. I can't believe what you accomplished in a week! Particularly as some weren't even started! Thank you again for organising this event and making such a wonderful and personal quilt! Happy Birthday to your mum!

  6. What a nice view of the donation blocks altogether like that! And the stack of the quilts you brought back from Sorrento is looking yummy!!

  7. Looks like you had a productive sewing session! What fun.
    My block is in the mail.

  8. So cool, the blocks look fantastic! I spotted my block in the group. The stack of quilts looks interesting.


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