Monday, April 23, 2012

Nantes, Lorient, Mont St-Michel, Fougeres, Bayeux, Giverny, Chantilly and Cambrai. Oh My!!

The last 3 days have gone by in a blur, filled with fun, adventures 
and sometimes very funny situations.

Our last glimpse of Pour L'Amour Du Fill, as we prepared to leave.

But first Randi had one last very important purchase to make.

We had the chance to spend time with Maggie Bonanomi and her hubby Harold.
 What a great couple. Boy did they make us laugh!

Our last dinner in Nantes we shared with them, 
and Randi's 2 bosses from the quilt shop she works in in Oslo.
l love this picture. Our waiter was so good about taking a photo, 
and another and another, that the guys behind decided they would be part of it as well. 
l didn't know this till l loaded the picture to the blog. It gave me a good laugh!!

We also had a chance on our final morning to visit with some other bloggers.
L-R Randi, Val, Bev, Isabeau, Will, Joes, Me, and Fiona.

Then a final goodbye to Mary.

Back in the car we headed to Lorient, on the coast,

Where we saw these 2 stunning Palampore's

 And this cute elephant wearing his quilt.

Back in the car, we headed for Mont St-Michel, our overnight destination.
This is our first glimpse, across a field of Canola.

As we approached, it just rose up before us.

 We wandered the streets, and climbed more stairs than we care to count.
The views are stunning, and the history even more.

This is our final look, as we headed off the next morning.
Oh, and don't ask about the meal we had!!

 Our first stop for the day was the town Fourgeres 
This was the view when we took the city walk..

 All the way over to the Medieval Stronghold.

We also came upon the market, and saw some interesting things,

Including seaweed for sale. Hmm, must look up a recipe using that ingredient!!

There are always interesting shops near where the town markets are held, 
and they are always interesting to step inside and see whats special today.
 Terrines of all manner.

And delicious looking ready made meals to take home.

Of course, no town in France would be without its fromagerie.

We also paid a visit to Bayeux, and the well known Bayeux Tapestry.
No pictures allowed, but here is a link if you wish to read about it and its history.
The story is fascinating, and the tapestry a true marvel to see in person.

This was our chateau for the evening.
But don't be fooled by appearances. Charming on the outside, no so on the inside. 
There is not one skerrick of its former life left other than the facade.

We tried to book for dinner at the restaurant attached.
 We open at 9pm madam.
So we went for a short drive and stumbled upon this delightful dinner.

This is a whole baked Camembert. But don't worry. l shared with Randi.

Bright and early the next morning, we drove to Giverny.
Home to Monet and his famous garden. 
This is where he lived.

The large window at ground floor is his studio. 
We were able to take  a tour of the house.

The very famous gardens of Giverny!!

And of course, you must have your picture taken on the famous bridge.

These 2 structures caught our eye in a town nearby.

Our final destination for the day was in the town of Chantilly.
The museum is housed in the original factory where the buttons, 
among other things were made.
l will never take a simple button for granted again, after seeing what goes into making one.

Here you could read ( in french) all about the history of the button factory,
 and take a tour, which l am sure was very informative,
 had we been able to understand French!!
Knew l should have paid more attention in school.
But the exhibits needed no explaining, and its a delightful museum to visit.

Button, Button, who's got the button?
Can you remember playing that game as a child?  l can.
Many hours of entertainment. Do you think this generation would enjoy it? LOL
l can also remember tipping out Mother's button jar,
 and spending ages, sorting them into colors and sizes.

And that brings us to today.
Last night was our last night in France.
We head over the border into Belgium today.
Our first stop, Brugge.
Who knows what wonderful scenery awaits us,
 and what adventures we will have.

If you have made it this far, you deserve a medal.
Thank you for coming along with us.
l hope you have enjoyed taking a tour through France with us.
So for the final time,
Au revoir.



  1. Linda, what a great trip you are having!! I'm reliving my trip to France through your photos. I loved St Mont Michel and Bayeaux, and of course Monets garden is so beautiful. Are you going to Versailles? All those lovely meals look delicious!!

  2. Monets garden is beautiful, of course you had to have your picture taken on the bridge!
    love those button cards....yes memories!
    beautiful pictures , oh my what an incredible vacation you are having

  3. Loving the tour of your trip. Keep it coming.That button factory sounds interesting,must put it on my bucket list. Think I will take my friend who speaks French.

  4. Wow! Your trip is really loaded with lots of amazing and fun things! Enjoy Belgium!

  5. It is so great to get your photos and join in your fun. Mont St Michel has long been on my list of must see destinations and now that I know about Pour L'Amour de Fils maybe I can plan to do both in one trip. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Great blog and I really enjoyed your tour to places in France that I have not as yet visited. Keep having fun!

  7. What a realley nice trip you'r making !!
    I met Bev and Randi in the booth from Petra...but it was so bussey..
    and we have dinner with Fiona...;00
    I hope to see you in Zutphen???
    Have a nice vacation...

  8. Wow. The food is really figuring big in your trip. Glad you are all continuing to enjoy France.
    It was good to catch up with you all.

  9. Thank you for sharing those wonderful photographs!

    Enjoy Belgium!


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