Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Something Magical Happened at Market!

You know, when you come home from a long trip away,
 its so great to see everyone again.
They all want to hear how you enjoyed the trip,
 where you went, what you bought,

and then they all hit you with the same question.

What was the best part???

And that always stumps me!!
Because its ALL the BEST PART!!!
Every little bit is just so wonderful.

But if l have to choose,
 l would say that walking into Edyta Sitar's booth
 at market was a little like being Alice,
 and falling down the rabbit hole into a Quilt Wonderland.

l had over the years kept an eye on Laundry Basket Quilts,
 and even bought the odd pattern.

But walking into Edyta's booth and seeing her quilts,
 up close and personal at market reopened my eyes
 to the beauty and magic of her quilts and her designs.

 l was introduced to Edyta by a mutual friend Val,
 and from the first minute l felt a connection.
When 2 minds think alike!!

Her kindness and friendship that she offered was incredibly touching.
And while we only shared snatched moments over the next few days, 
 they were magical.
l was drawn back to her booth like a moth to a flame.

We share a love of antique quilts, which is Edyta's
 inspiration for many of her quilts and fabrics.

Beauty even in the simplicity!

This was probably my favorite quilt in the booth.

The pattern came home with me!!

 Now, l know that to true reproduction lovers,
Batik can be an unspoken word among us.

But look at how Edyta manages to combine beautiful reproduction
fabrics with batiks. They simply make her quilts sparkle!!

Click on picture to enlarge and see the fabrics up close!

Who doesn't love a star quilt!!

And these umbrella's are just fun!!
This quilt is made with fabrics from her new range,
 Dancing In The Rain, by Moda. Due out later this year.

This was another favorite.

And another pattern that came home with me.

Now, l don't do much applique, but Edyta has designed these acrylic
 templates that l am hoping will encourage me to give applique a go!!

This is her latest book to be published.
There are many stunning quilts inside.

This is such a beautiful book to read. Stories of Edyta's journey in quilting,
and the reason's for many of the quilts she has made.
 There are also many pictures of antique quilts in Edyta's collection in this book.

This book and the following one promise to be a lot of fun.
My Sorrento Sewing Group already swap blocks.
l am hoping this book will take us on a new journey
of swapping strips and scraps,

And this book will have us swapping half square triangles, because


Well, l am off to dream about making quilts
 as beautifully as Edyta does!! 

 l hope l have inspired those reproduction
 lovers amongst us to try combining some batiks in our quilts.
l know l will be!!!!

So tell me.
 Do you think after seeing Edyta's quilts,
 you might be inspired???

Thanks for visiting.


  1. You are so right about Edyta. Her color combo's are stunning!

  2. Anyone who talks to Edyta, or listens to her speak HAS to be inspired! I love her so much - she is so funny and talented beyond belief. I never tire of her quilts.

  3. Lucky you! It sounds like the two of you had a wonderful time together. She is an incredible talent and I have long admired her work - I can totally see why/how you two would have a strong connection. Have fun with your new patterns.

  4. Thanks for sharing this feast for the eyes!! I have been inspired by Edyta's quilts for years and have several books. How I would love to see them in person - lucky you :)!!

  5. I too love the look of mixing batiks with reproductions! I have mixed those two fabric types along with Kaffee style and wools as well. Take a peek at the first post on my blog if you wish to see. Www.hallbrookdesigns.blogspot.com The quilt is called Orange Grove. Thanks for sharing these pictures! I was at market too...it would have been fun to meet you!

  6. Thank you for sharing your pictures of the Quilt Market. I live in northern Illinois,and the local quilt shop that I spent most of my time at is in Oswego,Illinois and the Village of Oswego put on a Celebration of Quilts and the speacker was Edyta,she is so bubbley,and make you want to go home and make a quilt. have a great day. happy quilting jinnie

  7. I haven't seen her quilts in person but they are beautiful. I was thrilled to receive one of her books for my birthday!!

  8. Linda, Editya is one of my favorite designers, her passion for quilting is contagious, and I love the fact that she combines so many styles, types of fabric to give her quilts a lively sparkle, and interest. I am looking forward to seeing your version of some of her patterns.

  9. You won me after the first couple of pictures and these quilts are certainly inspiring. How wonderful to have spent time enjoying the quilts in the flesh. Take care.

  10. Vicki and I saw Edyta last weekend in Illinois. She showed many of these quilts. They are so beautiful; she is a great colorist. I think "Reasons for Quilts" is the prettiest quilt book I have seen.

  11. My friend gifted me one of her books and I have several of her earlier patterns, she is amazing and you did save the best for last. Our LQS is doing the 1/2 sq tri swap using her papers, I've only got in on one round, but there will be more to come. How fabulous to meet her and see so many of her pieces up close and personl. Lovely!

  12. Thank you for introducing us to Edyta, her quilts are extraordinary! Her clever use of batiks give her quilts a watercolour look. I particularly love the Umbrella quilt, is there a pattern for that one or is it in a book?

  13. Oh my gosh Linda...what amazing quilts..how lucky you were to see them in person. Now I'm dreaming of these quilts.
    Julia ♥

  14. Linda, I've loved Edyta's work for quite some time now. Any chance you might have a "Special" guest at a QIB exhibition in years to come? ☺

  15. Edyta's quilts are stunning and I think its good to mix different fabrics in together. I saw a video of her booth on YouTube and her applique shapes look interesting.

    Boy, you have a lot of sewing ahead of you with those beautiful patterns you have brought home with you!

  16. Where have I been hiding, I had no idea that Edyta made magnificent quilts like that. I love the same one as you and the umbrella quilt is pretty neat.

  17. Thank you for introducing me to Edyta's quilts...have just placed an order for several patterns and the templates. Can't wait to get them.

  18. What amazing work, thank you so much for sharing these photos.


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