Friday, October 12, 2012


Its taking some time to get back to normal here at Quilts In The Barn.

So instead of inundating you with pictures,
l am going to spread them out over a few posts.
The picture below is what greeted you on your arrival.

And arrive they did.
 By car!!

It seemed in the hundreds!!
And at the end of the day we realized it was.
 400 of you came on friday!!

And by Bus!!
This was a first for us, and we were pretty excited!!

The que at the entrance ranged from mild---

To outragous!!
Those girls on the front desk did an amazing job!!
( click on the pictures for a closer look and maybe spot someone you know in the crowd)
And you  all looked pretty happy and not minding in the least the crowd!!
Crow Central was swamped from the minute the barn door's opened.

And So was Mary and Joe. They are somewhere in the crowd.

Many took the oportunity to sit in the sun and enjoy a cuppa and cake.

Catching up with friends.
Some from near and far!!
(L-R) Randi all the way from Norway, Dimitria from around the corner
 and Sharon and Robyn from Sydney.

A georgous spring day to delight anyone.

There's Meredithe (2nd from left) from Pomegranate and Chintz

Christine from McDonalds Farm and Melody from The House On The Side Of The Hill.
and a chance to meet these lovely fellow bloggers. 

Di and Dorothy in a quite moment.
One of the few all weekend.

There were many well known faces, including Elyte.
Robyn ( in red!! ) came bearing gifts.
Dressed to match our theme of red and white!
Even the parking attendants took the time to sample the goodies on offer.

The Crows in a quite moment.

The end of another long day. A few wines and a good laugh!!
Its not always about quilts!!! LOL

But l will be back soon with quilts and more quilts!!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. HOw exciting the quilts look so beautiful and yes I recognize quiet a few people! I see Bev and some of your friends I met in NYC!
    I am so happy for you for another successful show....

  2. It looks so WAW

  3. Fantastic! I never had a doubt it would be another successful show! Love the red and white tablecloths too!!

  4. Put your feet up, girl, you deserve a bit of R&R. Your show looks like it was a huge success (again!) - congratulations. I'm sure any day you'll begin planning for next year but in the meantime, bask in the glow of this huge accomplishment.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful - your show is on my bucket list, but until then, I certainly enjoy the online tour!

  6. It was the most wonderful quilt show. You and your helpers did an amazing job to make everything perfect. I was thrilled to meet you in person and enchanted by the whole experience. I'm now gathering red fabrics as you have made me realise i now must have not one, but a wall of red quilts. Thank you for all you did to share your quilting passion and raise funds for a very worthy cause.

  7. Great show Linda, loving seeing the photo's.

  8. I agree with Melody. It was such a wonderful display of beautiful quilts. We ooooed and aaaahed at every turn! I so have to make myself a red and white quilt! It was so wonderful to meet you in person Linda and to have a little chat during your very busy day. It was also lovely to finish off our visit with a cuppa and yummy scones! Thank you for organising this special event. I'm looking forward to the next one!

  9. Thank you for a very enjoyable day. I have sent a bit of red and white and a badge to a couple of blogging friends who couldn't attend. Great photo of the Crows.

  10. Linda, QIB '12 was FANTASTIC, you & your helpers out did yourselves. The quilts were beautifully displayed, outstanding workmanship by all those who had quilts on display (they made me quite envious)The QC girls were just great, the work they must do before they load the van etc.......setting up on 'main-land' after their trip over Bass Strait & I'm sure their van would be empty on the way home
    And Mary Koval, what a lovely lady & her knowledge was amazing, and she shared it quite freely & with much enthusiasm.
    Can't wait until next years show !

  11. thanks to Linda and all of her helpers, and the Crow Girls for another wonderful day spent admiring some amazing workmanship! My girls and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Barn!

  12. Wow....Friday was a busy day for you, I was working so visited on Sunday morning. Display was lovely as always & I waited & waited for a phone call, but alas another lovely quilter must have one the raffle!!! Thanks and looking forward to the next quilt show.

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  14. We had a great day. Thanks Linda for putting on this fab day. Congratulations!

  15. I can see Randi is having a good time. Thank you for showing us these treasures, Linda. Best wishes from Anne-Kjersti at Lappe Makeriet in Norway

  16. Looks like a fun-filled day! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Looks like you had a wonderful show, Linda. I love your quilt and quilt pattern! Take care. Una


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