Thursday, June 13, 2013

Selvedge Booth at Pour LÁmour Du Fill.

Walking into the Selvedge  booth, one must keep their hand firmly on their purse,
because it just wants to jump out and throw all its money on the counter.
There is so much deliciousness here to buy!!
Starting with their magazine!
Here the rack is full of past issues available for sale at a slightly discounted price.

These beautiful Sophie Digard scarves
are top of my wish list!!
Look at all those quilt patterns in wool!!

There were beautifully made dolls waiting for a friendly home,

gorgeous ribbons,

these pincushions  l regret having left behind!!
What was l thinking??

beautiful necklaces,

these pretty bells were decoration on a scarf!

Simply yummy stuff!!

 A few things did come home with me,  stuff like pins and 
cotton tape, and a copy of their magazine.
 l do wish a pincushion had as well!!!
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  1. Funny how you can fall in love with something and think 'oh I can live without that' until later when you really think it through! Love all the lovely merchandise.:)

  2. Oh what a merry trip you led me on, I had nt heard of Selvedges, wow I have now , I ve been to the web page, face book page even ended up watching a you tube video about welsh quilts. Thank you for your lovely post. I love the pincushions too....

  3. That booth was Gorgeous, i bought myself a scarf!!!!!!!

  4. So yummy, yummy things Linda

  5. Those scarves are gorgeous!

  6. Selvedge does so many things so well--I love their aesthetic! I have learned to go back to certain booths at shows to see if I really can live without something, or if I need to bring it home with me. Last time it was antique crystal salt shakers filled with tiny white buttons!

  7. Hi Linda, I am really enjoying your series of post from Pour LÁmour Du Fill. Thanks for sharing them, especially the close up photographs. I have marked September 27-29 in my diary, I wont be missing QITB this year.

  8. Those scarves made my heart skip a beat!!

  9. Me too, I'm a scarf girl and those scraves....oh my I could not have gone home empty handed. Pin cushions are cute too.
    M xx


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