Monday, July 8, 2013

Quilts De Legende Brouage 2013 - Part 2

 This building held the second collection of quilts.
Sit back and enjoy these.

Etoile de Bethlehem
Nathalie Ferri.


Compas du marinier
Christine Imbaud.


Baby Jane
Marie-Claude Gansel.


Nicole Trollux


Le Chapman
Marie-Francoise Gregoire.

Whig Rose
Colette Goix.


Aline Joulin.
( My personal favourite)


Les Etoiles rouges
Marie Baraer.


Rouge et blanc
Marie Baraer.


Log Cabin Chevrons
Marie-Josephe Veteau.


Four x Star
Maud Trocque.


France Aubert.


Petits carres
Louise-Marie Stipon.


Ombre et Lumiere
Sophie Brochot.


Billings Coverlet
Marie-Francoise Gregoire.

Just to show there were other people there besides us at the exhibit!!

These miniatues were hanging in the foyer,
and l have no information on who made them.

l hope you enjoyed seeing the second collection of quilts.
Tell me which was your favourite and why?
l will be back soon with some close ups of the fabrics and stitching.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. I love all of them. The colors and setting go together so well.
    I love the second quilt you show and the one called "Galaxie"

  2. They are all beautiful quilts. But the Shenandoah quilt is also my favourite, as it seems to glow and I love the pattern. Also the border applique on the Whig Rose is so interesting with the vine, berries and the birds.

  3. It's a difficult choice but the Billings Coverlet's intricate piecing just blew me away.

  4. Oh how do you pick a favorite! They re soooo beautiful!

  5. They are all so beautiful. I'm really enjoying see these quilts. Thanks for the tour, Linda.

  6. I love the movement in the log cabin quilt with diagonal lines. An old favorite with a different setting!!!

  7. Hi Linda,
    wow, what a nice pictures. My favorite is 'Le Chapman' because there are só many different fabrics in it!

  8. Oh how to choose a favourite? Just edging the others out is the whig rose with all that gorgeous applique. I love the setting of them with the stone walls! Thank you for sharing them all.

  9. WHOW....These are realley beautiful..!!!!
    Have a nice day..

  10. It hard to pick out the best when they are all so incredible. I think I would have had tears in my eyes at this show. Amazing.

  11. Thanks for showing these wonderful quilts.

  12. I think I really missed out not going to Brouage. Thanks for sharing the quilts with us. I already got a small impression, after seeing Martine's photos :) Which quilt is my favorite? There are so many! To name a few - Les Etoiles rouges, Marie Baraer; Billings Coverlet, Marie-Francoise Gregoire and Hexagons, Hexagons quand tu nous tiens, Cecile Lacoste; from your previous post :)

  13. They are amazing ! My favorite : it's difficult to make a choice but the mariners compasss is for me STUNNING, all those perfect pints.

  14. Thanks for sharing your photos. The Bethlehem quilt has magnificent colour and layout, but then I saw the Mariners Compass.....those points are impossible. What a gorgeous location for the display.

  15. Compas du Marinier - can't imagine how you would create such accuracy.

  16. Wow - so many beautiful quilts - thanks for sharing. No way I could pick a favorite.

  17. I've always liked Whig Rose but WOW - the border on that one is awesome! And the Billings Coverlet is gorgeous. Did you really mean one favorite?

  18. If you had asked this question on Part one, I would have had a BIG problem as I like the first 14-15 and think I want to make that one. This group I like Galaxie best. Love scrappy quilts and the stars hold a big appeal... looks simple but know about four rows in and things start to not match up well...means it is not "simple". Great to look at...

  19. That log cabin! I would love to see a close picture of the stitching. It looks like there is lots of it.

  20. after another after another. Too many to choose a favorite. Can't wait to see more of the hand quilting. Fabulous opportunity to see these in real life!

  21. The quilts are amazing. I would have liked to have been there to have seen all of them. Thank you for sharing with us.

  22. Oh my God! You can´t sit back while looking at those gorgeous quilts. I´d rather crawl through the screen.

  23. Wow - those are all amazing quilts! I think I like the first one the best. Such a great design and colors! A close second is the Feathered Star quilt - classic 2 color quilt and Feathered Stars are my favorite. Thanks SO much for sharing these.

  24. My favourite would be Etoile de Bethlehem,followed by petits carrés (are you not making that one?)and Mrs Billings, although I really do not see myself making that one.

  25. I'm crazy for that Petit Carres quilt.....It's on my list to make! I love it with so much red in it, too! What a stunning exhibit, and the way everything was displayed.....Wow! What a treat! Thanks, Linda!

  26. I love the log cabin. I have a quilt my great grandmother made. The colors are exactly the same. The placement of the blocks are different. I love the chevron effect. Thanks so much for sharing these!


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