Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Profile on Patty Harants.

We are so excited to be hosting Patty Harants here
 at Quilts In The Barn in the coming weeks.
For those of you who don't know Patty, she is a fabric designer, author,
pattern designer, amazing quilter, teacher, great story teller and all round good fun!
l am sure there are also many talents of Patty's that l don't know about yet,
 and hope to discover during her time here with us.
 She tells me she is a great cook, and so we will be having a few cooking experiences.
 Especially with our Aussie Spring lamb!

The original 1832 quilt by Rebecca Kohler.
 The Rebecca Kohler quilt was made as a coverlet by Rebecca for her son Jacob in 1832.
 She was from Berkshire County, Pennsylvania.
 The coverlet was never quilted......the finished size is 42" x 43".
with a knife edge binding..

Patty Harants's replica of Rebecca Kohler's 1832 quilt.
The pattern will be available for purchase at QITB.
Patty Harants's replica of Rebecca Garretson Wickersham's 1854 appliquéd album quilt.
Patty will have a limited supply of cd's with the pattern available at her workshop
The book is long out of print.

 We still have several spots available for
Patty's workshop,
 in which you will learn her tips
and tricks for successful applique,
 and begin work on your very own version
 of the Rebecca Kohler Crib Quilt.
The dates are Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th October.

Cost is $300 for the 2 days and includes morning, lunch and afternoon tea both days,
a fabulous goodie bag, and the pattern.  10am till 4pm.
Here at the Barn
23 Hartley Road
Wonga Park

On Thursday 2nd October 7pm till 9pm
we will  also be hosting Patty
 at her very popular lecture
"Here l am.... How did l get here? "

Hear the story's behind The State Museum of Pennsylvania,
where  the original Rebecca Kohler Crib Quilt lives.
Lecture cost is $15.
Also in the barn.

 your only The workshop and lecture are a wonderful opportunity that is only available here at QITB
Patty is not teaching or lecturing anywhere else in Australia. 
 This may be your only chance to hear her lecture or
learn from one of the great masters from America.

Here is a little about Patty that can be found
 on the State Museum of Pennsylvania website.

 Patty is an artist, and fabric is her pallet. She graduated from Wayne
 State University, Detroit, Michigan with a BFA, leading to a teaching career,
 for several years, in Michigan, Ohio and Massachusetts. She has studied the folk
 art of every location she has visited, and has chosen the appliqué quilt as her
 grandest medium. Her artistic hands have explored various aspects of old world
 techniques, such as decoupage, gold leafing, egg shell inlay and much more.
Patty specialized in historic restoration and interior decoration leading her to every
 facet of design as well as quilting. The appliqué quilt, however, has claimed her
 attention and after many years of lovingly creating her owns works, she began
 reproducing the antique and truly unique quilts found woven
 into the history of the United States.

Patty claims to own the greatest fabric collection in the quilt world.
 Anyone who has been in her studio has to agree. Her studio, full of fabric,
 patterns and pattern books, family mementos, and numerous quilts in varying
stages of completion, is a mixture of artistic creation, color and beauty.
 Walking through the studio, she may stop to arrange a baby quilt she is
 producing for the child of a friend, and then will stop to straighten
 the corners of an incredible reproduction of an antique quilt.
 She has a bulletin board with quilt pieces pinned in place in
 order to test each individual design.
 The State Museum of Pennsylvania has a fabulous quilt collection and
has generously allowed Patty the opportunity to reproduce two of their quilts:
The Rebecca Kohler Baby Quilt, 1832; and now The Wickersham Signature Quilt.
 The Chintz Medallion Quilt, 1825, is in process.

Reproducing the Wickersham Signature Quilt required Patty to painstakingly
 trace the quilt and the quilting at the museum. She began hand tracing,
while wearing gloves to protect the original. After several days of tracing,
Patty carried the patterns back to her studio where she reproduced the quilt
using only her notes and a single photograph of the quilt to verify the
use of correct fabrics and appliqué styles.
This loving reproduction of the Wickersham Signature Quilt is a tribute
 to the descendants of the early Americans, and an invitation to those who
 came to our shores later (as did Patty's family) to join in the wonderful
 traditions of the United States of America. Each piece is truly unique,
 and these pieces joined together create something bigger
 and stronger than any single design.
 Thanks for visiting.



  1. Pattys quiilt reproductions are amazing, wish I could sign up for the class I hear she is a wonderful teacher.
    enjoy your visitors! good luck with the show!

  2. The workshop with Patti would be amazing!!! I can't get out of working that weekend otherwise I'd be so tempted. Both the coverlet and album quilt are so beautiful.


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