Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Quilted Crow Trunk Show.

The Quilted Crow Girls, Leonie and Dierdre, from Hobart in Tasmania, are here in Melbourne this week for AQC.

Last night they held a trunk show at Foothills Fabric and Threads in Tecoma. Here are some of the woolly items on show. Check out their site and blog.

The Quilted Crow girls ( not to be confused with The Quilted Crow in Boxborough MA ) will also be attending International Quilt Market Spring, so watch out for their patterns coming to a shop near you.

It was also a great opportunity to catch up with some quilty friends.

l am off to the airport this afternoon to pick up a girlfriend who is flying in to visit AQC with me. Lots of quilty goodness over the next 4 days. Can't wait!!!



  1. So Glad you have started Blogging Linda. I visited Leonie and Dierdre last month in Hobart and a wonderful shop they have too. The trunk show would have been fabulous. Have a wonderful time at AQC

  2. It's fantastic to see you up and blogging, I've heard wonderful things about your quilts.

  3. Thanks Kathie! (Inspired by Antique Quilts ) I think your blog will be wonderful! Mamifleur

  4. Hi Linda, What a small world, caught up with you last night at the Quilted Crow Girl's trunk show, and tonight via Inspired by antique quilts blog I find out you have started a blog. I look forward to following your postings, which I am sure will be full of interesting quilty info & photos. Enjoy your time at AQC. from Jenny McH

  5. Hi Linda,
    Welcome to Blogland! I just jumped in a few months ago. It's been wonderful and I'm having a blast. I only own one antique quilt and it's in bad shape. I have loved the folk art look, but in the last few years have found myself branching out. I will look forward to seeing all your quilts. You are welcome to look at my blog too. I'll be back.

  6. What a pleasant surprise, finding you here in blogland! I think it's a perfect place for you to share pictures of your quilty activities and travels. I'll look forward to having a cup of coffee with you in the mornings.

  7. I am heading down to Melbourne tomorrow to go the AQC. I can't wait to visit the Quilted Crow girls - they have the best wool!

  8. Thanks to Kathie for letting us know you are here. So glad that you are blogging. It will be fun to get a peek at what you are up to *s*


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