Saturday, July 9, 2011

An Evening With Mary!!

l sent the word around.
 An evening with Mary.
Quilts, show and tell, wine and food.
What more could they ask for!!!! 
And come they did.
Some of the gathered crowd.

We even let some men come, but made them stay in the pantry.
After all, this was Women's Business!!!

Mary and Joe set up the quilts in the afternoon, and then when the
 girls were coming, we had the lights off till after dinner.

First up, Mary gave a talk about how she and Joe first started to buy and sell antiques.

She went on to talk about how she designs fabrics, using antique fabric for inspiration.

Then it was time to show us some of the quilts.

This one received the most attention.

It was placed on the floor for a closer examination. Mary said that in 40 years of buying,
selling and collecting quilts, she had only come across
10 examples of such wonderful Broderie Perse.

Time to check out what was for sale, and take a final photo of THAT quilt.

A very happy quilter with a new purchase. No getting that off her!!!

Finally, it was Mary's turn to take a seat and enjoy the
show and tell all the girls had brought. And we let a few men out of the pantry,
because they are good at holding up the quilts!!
Here is Bev with her Mary Manakee in progress.

Deb with her Poppy's Quilt, a design by Di Ford.
( l have this quilt started, its hiding in a box in my sewing room. Time to bring it out l think!! )

Meghan with her Sarah Morrell.

Dorothy with her  Phebe Quilt.

Di with a stunner!!

Carolyn and an antique from her collection.

Jill and one of her antique quilts.

This japanese beauty was made by Anne.

And so was this stunning quilt, made with all Australian fabrics.

Sandra, and her antique quilt bought on our trip to the states in 2009.

Finally, time for a group shot, then off home.
Thanks to everyone who came and made the evening such a wonderful success.

Come back next year Mary!!!!

More adventures to come.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Oh I just wish I lived a little nearer well a whole lot nearer. Wonderful vintage quilts and wonderful new one's too,
    So glad you have a large pantry you wouldn't fit a child in mine.
    Thanks Linda for making my Saturday morning.

  2. oh I am sitting here in awe what a wonderful evening it must have been, thank you for sharing it with us.
    I hope I get to hear Mary talk one day and see her quilts in person.
    I loved seeing your home as well, beautiful.

  3. thanks for the photos, it was great to get a taste of your wonderful night.

  4. Sounds and looks like a wonderful evening! What stunning quilts, both old and new.

  5. What a lovely evening with a wonderful group of friends! Thanks for sharing the photos. Gotta love Mary!

  6. Thanks for sharing those pictures! Super nice quilts...bravo! Greetings from the Netherlands

  7. Oh, Wow! What beauties! Even so, I think the humble little basket quilt is my favorite. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful evening. Great job with the group photo!
    So funny for me to see you all with your sweaters on. I just came home from a swim meet in the sweltering heat and I'm trying to cool off!

  8. Such beautiful quilts, almost makes one weep! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely evening! We all wish we could have been there.

  9. Amazing! I consider myself very lucky to be able to share (albeit virtually) your lovely evening and glorious quilts.

  10. That would have been a wonderful evening to be part of! You have had a quilt packed few weeks.

  11. Hi Linda, Sometimes I really wish I was still living in Melbourne. What a wonderful night you must have all had.

    I love the raffle quilt, it looks fantastic.

  12. Oh wow...what a lovely show and tell...would have been lovely to see the quilts for real..thank for sharing.
    Julia ♥

  13. Thankyou Linda for allowing us all to see this wonderful show of old quilts. I feel so priviledged. Looks like you all had a wonderful evening.

  14. Wow, what a bounty of beautiful quilts! Loved seeing them; I feel like the "fly on the wall"!

  15. Looks like great fun with fabulous friends AND quilts.
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. What a fabulous evening you all had! The photo of the men in the pantry made me laugh! Mary's talk would have been so interesting! So many stunning quilts! Thank you for sharing your evening with us!

  17. Oh what a wonderful evening that was! I even enjoyed just the online bit! :)

    Now I need to get some of those Di Ford patterns I bought out! Dang I need more time!

  18. It really was a great night - thanks Linda for organising and hostessing and thanks Mary and Joe - yes, yes, we want more......!

  19. It looks like a fantastic time!!!

  20. What a fabulous show and tell. All such beauties and that reminds me to have another look at my Sarah Morrell. Loved the colour combination. Now I know where I am headed with mine. I love how the men are looking at the quilts, I am sure they know exactly what it is all about.

  21. What a stunning display of quilts!
    I love the red and green quilts and the broderie perse quilt looks amazing!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful evening with Mary.


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