Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quilts In The Barn 2011

Only 4 weeks till this special event. Can't wait!!!!
Hope to see you there.

Many thanks to Jen for helping with the flyer.

Thanks for visiting,


  1. Hope you raise loads of dosh with that lovely charity quilt.

  2. Wish I could fly across the world and visit your show ;-( Have you got the siggy quilt back from the quilter yet? Please show us when you do.

  3. Not long to go... It's going to be an amazing show! Jo Morton is such a quiltstar, I figure that's the quilty version of a rockstar. I'm impressed the Quilted Crow ladies are going to be there!

  4. We cannot wait either! Yvonne and I will be there on Sunday! Flyers were sent to all of our Ballarat Quilter members 2 weeks ago. Love karen


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