Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our weekend in pictures!!

This lovely  bunch of women joined me at Sorrento for the weekend.
l think you can tell by the smiles on our faces, that we had a GOOD TIME!!!

Here is Sue having a lesson in hand quilting this antique quilt
she bought at An Evening With Mary.

Meredithe started with this pile of fabrics,

Pedal to the metal!!

And by the end of the day, this top was complete. ( sorry no finished photo)

Bonnie was working on her applique.

This is going to be one stunning quilt when finished.

One the second day, Meredithe changed tack, and was working on these blocks,
using some yummy Japanese fabrics.

My tumblers in  progress.

Bev is working on this stunning red and white applique quilt.

Only one long border and 8 blocks to go!!!

As my tumblers grew, we needed to use the floor, as the design wall was too small.

Not only sewing happened across the weekend.
Here is Di having her first experience with this kitchen tool.
" Oh, is that how it works?

There were plenty of cooks in the kitchen, whipping up a delicious meal.
Note Bev checking the recipe!!

Di took some time out to press some tumblers for me, so l could keep sewing.

Then we all shared this magnificent meal.
Slow roasted garlic and lemon chicken,
 potato, leek and silverbeet gratin, and  lovely fresh salad.
Accompanied by champagne of course.

Followed by this divine chocolate cake and sauce, made by Di.
Totally decadent!!
And responsible for the 2 kg gain over the weekend!! LOL

Over the weekend, l made lots of progress on my tumblers.

Here is Meredithe and Di doing a little measuring on Sue's antique quilt.

Bonnie making food choices.

l would say all in all, we had a great weekend.
Food, friends, fun and fabric. What more could you want.
Can't wait to go back again with this group of girls!!

 If you want to see some other pics of our weekend, visit Meredithe's blog over here

Oh, and by the way, those ginger jars are hard wired into the security system!!

And after a further 5 hours in the sewing room on Monday,
my tumbler quilt is finished. Its off to be quilted this afternoon.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. What a great weekend and so productive. Your tumblers look wonderful.
    Lots of good food and plenty of inspiration.
    See you next week. Have arranged to meet a couple of blogging friends in your barn.

  2. Your Weekend looked Very Productive Linda ..Lots of Gorgeous works being done..
    Lovely Spot for a Retreat..
    Thanks for sharing.
    Your Tumblers look Great.

  3. Hi Linda, Looks like you all had a fantastic time away together and were very productive. Your tumbler quilt is gorgeous and I hope I will get to see it at "The Barn".

  4. What fun you all had! 2 more weeks and I"m off for my girls weekend!!!

  5. Wow, what a great time you all had, sewing cooking laughing and's what it's all about isn't it. All the quilt are gorgeous, thank you for sharing them, but I have to make a special mention of Bev's Red Applique, "oh my, so gorgeous". I look forward to seeing this one in the real.
    See you on the 4th for QitB,
    M x

  6. What a wonderful weekend you had!
    Congratulations on getting that huge tumbler quilt done!
    I love both the applique projects!! Gorgeous work!
    See you next week..

  7. another fun weekend in sorrento!
    love all the projects but Bev's red applique is just amazing to me
    I have that book and never thought about doing in a different color, how silly of me!
    just love your tumbler congrats on finishing it!

  8. It sounds like a perfectly wonderful retreat and you all fitted in so much. I love all the projects, especially Bev's red and white, sigh.
    Congratulations on finishing the tumbler top!

  9. What a productive weekend you all had. Wil your quilt be done in time for the quilt show?
    I'd love the recipe for the potato, leek and silverbeet gratin

  10. What a fun weekend that must have been!! So many wonderful quilts being made! Congratulations on finishing the tumbler top! It looks huge!

  11. Fabulous weekend and fabulous finish of your tumbler! Now, Di can make dessert for me anytime!

  12. Wow - you ladies know how to have a great time. The quilt projects are all wonderful.
    Your tumbler quilt is fabulous

  13. You really put the pedal to the metal to finish your tumbler top. Please share a pic when it is back from the quilters. It looks so warm, and antiquey - beautiful!
    Thanks for all of the other pics, too. That all red and white applique is a clever idea.
    Looks like a great time!

  14. Great pics, great time, great friends, great quilts!! Thanks for sharing.!!


  15. looking forward to seeing the tumbler quilt in person next weekend!!

  16. The two applique projects caught my eye. Especially the red and white one. Looks like a big project.

  17. No wonder I couldn't get those ginger jars off the shelf!! Thanks for a great weekend! x

  18. No wonder I couldn't get those ginger jars off the shelf!! Thanks for a great weekend! x

  19. Your tumbler quilt is great! And you seem to have shared a most productive, joyful and inspiring weekend! Those two kilos you gained are just sweet souvenirs :>)

  20. You've got me thinking about the Tumbler again. It's on my must do list. Looks like another great weekend at Sorrento - very fond memories of my visit there!
    Thinking of you as the quilt show comes around. Hope all goes well. ONE DAY I'll make it but with number 2 on the way it could be a while off yet.

  21. What a fun post. Can't wait to see the tumblers. I'm considering putting that on my list. Did you do yours by hand or machine?


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