Friday, August 5, 2011

Those Quilts!!

           Remember this little pile way back here?

Well some of them are off to the quilter tomorrow.
So l  thought l would show you them before,
and then again when my machine quilter has performed her magic on them.

The one on the left was using some four patches that l had made.
The one on the right was using some left over half square triangels that were just lying around.

 Then l played with these swap blocks from  an earlier swap with
Jo Mortons online stitching group.
These are all Jo Morton Fabrics.

Which one would you choose?

Come back tomorrow  and l will show you!!!

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Seeing quilts in a pile always makes my heart beat a little faster:) The toile background fabric is fantastic - I would probably choose that version. Thank you for all the inspiration. Cheers from a summery Norway:)

  2. Hi Linda,I am loving the way the stars pop with the red print - but maybe I'm just having a bit of a love affair with red at the moment anyway!
    Lynne at Darn Cheap

  3. oh what a nice pile of quilts ;)
    ok I love that black bird toile fabric so I have to go with that one this time.
    even though red is very hard to turn down!
    HOw was your trip?

  4. Lovely pile of quilts. I really like the red. The stars seem to pop next to the red. kelley

  5. I vote for the red. I think the stars show up more.

  6. Love your little stack of quilts. I would definitely go for the red - I love toiles, but it seems to just wash the whole thing out.

  7. I concur - the red is stunning. Love all your quilts. I've got to get me some Jo Morton fabrics! Trying to finish up some other projects first though!!

  8. As much as we all envy you having that bird toile, I would use the red. The blocks are busy enough and do not set off the toile or the starts.... The red does .....

  9. The toile gives this a very soft vintage feel, but I have to say, I love the red.

  10. Lovely quilt tops! I love both options. I think I would make more stars and make one of each!

  11. I think you need one of each - they are both wonderful!

  12. The red sets those blocks off and looks great in the photo, but I bet the bird toile looks wonderful in real life. I'm sitting on the fence for this one and look forward to seeing which you choose.

  13. Great tops; anxious to see them finished! My vote is for the toile - it is very old and rich-looking.

  14. they are all so cute! I think I would have to pick the left one because it looks a bit different.

  15. It has been a bit since I've been to your blog and my heart is skipping beats as I'm scrolling through and looking at all your GORGEOUS quilot tops! I love Jo stuff!!


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