Sunday, August 7, 2011

That Quilt!!

Did you guess right again??

Again, l just love!!! this quilt. l have been in love with this zig zag setting for so long,
and finally this was the right quilt to use it on.  l love how the different fabrics can make
 the block look so different. Can't wait to see this one finished. 
It will also hang in our exhibit.
 l can see more quilts with this setting in my future.

l still have a few bags of blocks to use, so need to keep plodding along with them.
Spent the day at stashbusters today, nothing much to show,
just cutting more tumblers for my tumbler quilt.
Have used about 285 different Jo fabrics so far!!
Though l here that there are about 1,000 different fabrics Jo has designed.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Your quilt is great!!!! Nice fabrics. I love them :)

  2. I loved either fabric and this one makes the blocks twinkle. It looks fabulous Linda!

  3. perfect use of this fabric for the setting, I love zig zag quilts too, I need to make a few !

  4. I love the fact that you put a couple of 'wrong' blocks in it. And the rest too, ofcourse.

  5. This is a beauty! Wonderful choice of setting fabric.

  6. I love it, but curious about the one star block?

  7. Yes, that is the background I would have chosen, too. Love this quilt!

  8. I love the red, it looks great. This zig zag setting really adds interest and I like the star blocks popped in here and there, they add sparkle to your piece.

  9. Lovely!!!! I too love the zig zag setting! I have plans to use it with some vintage blocks I found. Just haven't found the right fabric. I'm going to look for Jo Morton fabric!! It'll be my first.


  10. That yummy gold just sets off your blocks beautifully! Zigzag sets are really eye-catching.

  11. You definitely picked the right fabric, it looks wonderful!! I really love the single star, but I hoping you'll tell us about it.

  12. Love the zig zag setting...must give that a try! Great looking quilt!!!

  13. Oh this is a beauty!!! Gets me excited and wanting to make it!

  14. Love the quilt and the background fabric


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