Monday, January 23, 2012

Busy building houses from scraps.

A new year and a new project.

It all started with these.

Then l put a stack of scraps in here,

and sorted them like this here.

and here.

l made my first house,

then my 2nd,

which quickly became 3.

Then 6.

As l was making them, l discovered a few things about building, 
 and so when l made these one's ,  
l can see l have improved.

Now my small village has 8 houses, and l am keen to make more.
They are very addictive, and don't take all that long to make.
Besides, l have a ton of scraps, so can't stop yet!!
Many huge thanks to Jeanneke for sharing her house pattern with us.

Its not all house building.

There has been a bit of this as well.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. LOVE your houses and your title picture!!

  2. I wouldn't mind living in one of your colorful houses! They all look wonderful.

  3. I love those adorable houses Linda. It looks like you're paper piecing. Another exciting red and white coming up by the looks of it.

  4. Welcome back. What a super header picture, I have the houses printed but went down a few other trails this week! Your village will soon be a town, then a suburb, then a city!

  5. I love your little houses. Are you paper piecing? I've been busy with red and white myself. My donation quilt is going to the quilter this week.

  6. Another little housing estate that seem's to be shooting up throughout the world.
    They look really fun to do and a great way to use you scraps and lovely scraps they are too.

  7. Love your new header picture, very fun!
    your houses are adorable, just adorable!!!! I am very tempted now.
    thanks :)

  8. Welcome back. New year - new projects. Have fun.

  9. An addiction that is good for your health! They are just so fun. And yum, another red and white beauty.

  10. I have two of the Scrabble tile holders on top of a quilt cabinet that I spell out different words on. I need to make a change. The last was done at Christmas time.
    I see you are on the house band wagon. It is such fun seeing all the house blocks that different bloggers have made.

  11. Oh my gosh!!! What amazing little houses. Takes my breath away with that fine piecing you have to do there. A real treat.

  12. Totally love your header. Very creative!!!

  13. I can see how the houses would be addictive. They are so dear!!

  14. Your little houses are really charming. Couldn't start those as I have too many irons in the fire; but they were very tempting!

  15. Love your little houses. I see that you are paper piecing - did you draw out the paper piecing yourself or did you find that somewhere on the net? I would like to do them and paper piecing would be the way i'd go.

  16. Welcome back, very glad you're back safe and sound from hol's. Did you have a fabulous you did :-) Love the new look header, very gorgeous. Your houses look great, I haven't progressed beyond looking at the architect's drawing LOL, will need to pour some foundations soon I think. Happy sewing, C U soon, M xx

  17. You are one of the most industrious people around Linda. I was going to start building houses from scraps, but I've lost my sewing 'mojo' due to storm damage to my house :-(
    I'm counting down the days until 'the gathering'...... and a little bird told me how excited she was the QC girls could squeeze another bottom in for a very special overseas visiter !

  18. Hi Linda, Wow! you've been busy with the little houses, they look fantastic. Your red and white looks very interesting too.

  19. Love your little houses, Linda. Yes, they are very addictive!

    I look forward to seeing what you are making with the red and white.

  20. Darling houses! Can't wait to see your red and white project.

  21. Hi Linda,
    I love all your tiny houses, and I like the first 6... it's cute.

  22. hi Linda! Love your houses! and your header is just too sweet!


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