Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chicago, Nebraska and Kansas City!!

l guess it had to happen. With the amount of photos that l take,
 my poor little laptop has decided that it's memory just can't handle any more, 
and so l am having to delete,delete, delete before l can load any new pics.
So just to let you know we are still here and having a wonderful time
 here are a few snaps of whats been happening in the last week.

The city of Chicago.

This most amazing sculpture in Millennium Park, Chicago.
Look at the city in reflection.

From Chicago, we flew to Nebraska, where we have been staying with dear friends.
We took the chance to visit The Quilted Moose, and were fortunate enough to
 have owner Deb Roberts take us and show us around her retreat center,  
If your looking for somewhere to take up to 11 women and enjoy beautiful 
surroundings in which to sew, l can highly recommend this place.
l want to come back!!

Then on to Kansas City for Spring Market, 
where we caught up with Jo Morton and her team.

And of course, The Quilted Crows.
Here they are at their book signing today.
Don't they look like naturals at it!!

Its been a joy and an honor to watch these 2 very special women 
grow and blossom in their designing. They deserve all
recognition that's coming their way.
Go the Crows!!!

Well, that's all from me. l have a ton more pics, but, well,
 you will have to wait till l am home and load them on my computer at home.
Just because the laptops full, l won't stop taking pics, and tomorrow
 will see me with camera in hand as l wander the halls of Quilt Market.

Thanks for staying with me on this mammoth tour of the world.
Its been a blast from start to almost finish. 
And the fun ain't over yet!!!



  1. Hi Linda,
    I'm still following you on your wonderful trip around the world, what an amazing experiance. Have a lot of fun today at the Quilt Market!

  2. I don't want the fun to stop! Lucky you at Quilt Market. I saw your amazing quilt on Karen's blog. Absolutely stunning!!

  3. Your having great trip and can't wait to see more photo's when you get back home.

    Hope they let you back in after absconding for so loooooong.

  4. looking forward to seeing more pictures from your trip!
    glad you still having fun
    isn't Chicago fun!

  5. Thanks for sharing all those URL's. I'm also still following your mammoth tour of the world!! It was great meeting you and wondering where we will meet again. Wow, spring Quilt Market sounds fabulous. Like Sue & Kathie can't wait to see the other pictures :)

  6. Linda, I know Aussies like to take LONG vacation/trips but this trip just goes on and on and on.... how many countries have you visited.... well any way will look for more pictures "later" and LOVE the picture of Jo and her crew and QUILTS.... Thanks

  7. What a fabulous trip you're having! Wish I had known you were in Chicago - it's only an hour's drive for me. Jo's booth looks amazing!

  8. Hi Linda! I chatted with your hubby in line for Jo's Schoolhouse the other - so funny when I made the connection that he was married to you!

  9. How exciting to see all of this!

  10. You must have friends all over the globe but that doesn't surprise me and it's so neat that you get to catch up with them. The crow girls do some gorgeous quilts, so happy to hear about their book.

  11. Great show of the bean! Chicago is my home town - I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.
    Looks like you are having a great time!

  12. Oh Linda! I can't belive you were in Chicago and I missed it! Ever since my mom died this winter I"ve just been "off the radar". Looks like you have been super busy and having TONS of fun. Next time you are in Chicago you have to let me know!


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