Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A short break to normal transmission.

l received an email while l was away that my favorite
 machine quilter had completed quilting one of my new quilts.

 l was excited to see the photo's she sent. Tomorrow l am off to pick it up, and
this weekend l will put the binding on and tick that job off the list.

Karen from Quilts On Bastings has done a stunning job.
She entered the quilt in the Bloggers Quilt Festival
 and has been  nominated in 2 categories.

Go read Karen's story and if you want,
 give her a vote.
 l did!!!

Thanks for visiting.


  1. What a beautiful quilt.....and the quilting she did is awesome! What a treasure!

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS! The quilting is beautiful. I've not seen that pattern before but it goes perfectly with your top - so nice!

  3. You have found a wonderful machine quilter!! She really did your top justice. The background quilting is very pretty but I particularly like the attention to detail in the red pieced blocks. Lucky you!

  4. Gorgeous quilt...gorgeous quilting!!! :-)

  5. The quilting finished your red and white off beautifully. Lovely!

  6. What a gorgeous quilt, and the quilting adds so much!

  7. OMG it is amazing! Of course now I want to get out my red and white fabric ....I thought I was getting over the need to make red and white quilts

  8. Thanks Linda - I hope you will be as thrilled with the results as I am. It is a beautiful quilt.

  9. 2 words Linda........... "SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL"

  10. It looks stunning! The quilting is really gorgeous, you must be thrilled.

  11. Oh yes, it's amazing quilting, I love the red and white quilt,, I need to do one!
    Julia ♥

  12. Stunning! Both the quilt and the quilting. I wonder if Miss Rose has any idea how her exhibition has fueled a renewed love of Red & White quilts around the world?

  13. I voted as soon as I saw the quilt in the nominations! It's absolutely stunning!!I think you sometimes choose patterns on purpose with wonderful quilting space for Karen to do her magical quilting.

  14. Just wonderful. Thank you too for directing us to Karen's blog. Her quilting is amazing.


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