Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mrs Billings Coverlet Special exhibition.

Karen Styles from Somerset Quilts designed the Mrs Billings Coverlet
several years ago, and has a band of dedicated
 followers making their versions of the quilt.
Here is Karen below with her original quilt.

This year at the Melbourne Quilt Show 16 of the completed quilts
 were hung in a  special exhibit. Several of them won prizes as you will see by
 their ribbons, including Runner Up Best of Show.

All the quilts are just a little different, from the fabrics used,
or a creative change in the design.
 Each one is different, unique and equally beautiful.

So grab a cuppa, sit back, and enjoy these amazing quilts.
Many thanks to Karen for permission granted to post these quilts.

This quilt won Traditional 2 person First.
Well done and congratulations to Meredithe.

This is Shirley's. She won First in Traditional Amateur,
 and also took Runner Up in Best of Show.
 Congratulations Shirley.

l thought you might enjoy seeing them hung together as a group.

Well, l have a favorite or two!! Do you?????
l hope you enjoyed seeing these amazing quilts.

Thaks for visiting.


  1. I have that beautiful pattern, thank you so much Linda for the inspiration. Karen did such a beautiful job designing the pattern. Do you know the name of the other quilt that is in the first picture next to the Mrs. Billings coverlet.

  2. Incredible!!! I loved seeing all the different color versions of this magnificent quilt!! thanks for the wonderful photos of them.
    I would love to see them in person.
    What an amazing exhibit.

  3. Linda thank you for pictures and write ups of each of the quilts.
    loved it

  4. Outstanding...wish I could see them in person... I love this medallion style of quilt. It is what I seem to be leaning to these days. Thanks for sharing!

  5. incredible! thank you for posting such talent!

  6. It's amazing how different they all look in the different color ways and fabrics. I loved the variations some of the quilters made, too. What a spectacular exhibit!

  7. Want a very creative and talented mind..Thanks for the share.

  8. How wonderful to see the variation of the quilts. Just incredible!

  9. Thank you! I love seeing the 'similar but different' theme with quilters personal choices.

  10. What a great exhibit. I loved seeing such a variety of quilts using the same pattern.

  11. WOW - so many clever quilters making such beautiful quilts. I loved the variations due to the different colurs used. Thanks so much for a great Blog.

  12. It's made my day! If I see or do nothing else today, I shall go to bed happy tonight. What a wonderful showing of these quilts, I loved everyone of them. Well done to all the women who completed their quilts. It is quite something to start such a project, quite another to have so many finish. Lovely, lovely, lovely, it has bought sunshine into a very grey English summer morning.

  13. Wow, this was so interesting and fun to see all these quilts. Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. So many fun varieties of that complicated quilt! I loved seeing them side by side.

  15. WOW what an amazing display..a joy to behold!! i'm so thrilled for Meredithe!! cheers...Marian

  16. What a treat. Each one is amazing - I did have a favorite :). Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. I loved every one of those particular quilts, although I definately lean towards the traditional fabrics and colours. It was really nice to see every one's different ideas and the brighter ones were especially interesting. I loved them all.

  18. Oh how fun! Wish I could have seen them!


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