Friday, July 27, 2012

Melbourne Quilt Show.

It seems the world has gone crazy with rules. Rules for this and rules for that.
So as much as l would like to post lots of photos from the
 Melbourne Quilt and Craft Show that l visited today,
RULES say l can only post the ones where
l have been given permission from the maker.

So attention to the rule makers.
Permission has been granted for all the following quilts!!

This first quilt, by Helen Hayes, is just beautiful.
Helen is a member of the Castlemaine Applique Group l belong to.

Helen's quilt won the prize for Best Creative Use Of Color. Yay!!

Margaret Mew is also a member of Castlemaine Applique Group.

Chris Serong is a member of the Castlemaine Applique Group.
Chris won a Highly Commended for this quilt.
 Can you see a pattern happening?

l love this house quilt!!

Alison is a member of the Castlemaine Applique group.
Alison's quilt won first in Miniature Quilts.

Margaret McDonald is a member of the Castlemaine Applique Group.

Wendy Blyth is a member of the Castlemaine Applique Group.
This stunner won runner up in the Traditional category.

l took this same class as Wendy.
(Mine is still in a box, waiting to be finished!!)

As you can see, our Castlemaine Applique Group has some
 wonderfully amazing and inspirational quilters,
which l guess is why l enjoy going to this group so much.

This beautiful green quilt  was until recently an antique quilt top.
Then Karen Terrens quilted it, and it became the prize winner it
 was always meant to be. You might recognise Karen's name.
She is the lady responsible for working her magic on
many of my quilts, especially my recent red and white ones.

So you can imagine my joy and delight, when looking at
 Karen's  quilt below, to discover that it had "WON" Best Of Show!!!
Congratulations Karen on a well deserved win.

Just look at all those ribbons!! Oh My!!
You can read Karen's story here!
And the sneak peak we had of her quilt back here!

l couldn't be more happier for her.
Except to say, She quilts my quilts!!!!

 l will be back with a collection of special quilts that were on exhibit.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. just beautiful wow!
    she deserved those ribbons for sure!!! her quilting is amazing
    good for you finding an amazing long arm quilter, makes all the difference in mho.
    Margarets quilts are wonderful...
    actually all the quilts are

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day Linda! Thanks for your lovely comments about my quilts - I was certainly thrilled and overwhelmed!

  3. Thanks for sharing these with us Linda. They are all amazing, Best of show is stunning and of course I love Alison's miniature hexagons.

    Virginia Enright

  4. Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts! I love the pink and white one, and I'm off to check out the link you gave us - thanks!!

  5. So glad you are part of the Castlemaine groups so that we can enjoy a lot of photos ......... thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow.
    Really, REALLY nice quilts.
    Such a shame about the stupid photography rules. My opinion...its in the public arena by being exhibited, therefore it can be shared worldwide.Period.

  7. I was so happy for Karen when I read her blog, her work is always amazing and her quilt really deserves a zillion prizes. All the quilts you've shown are all so wonderful!! The Castlemaine group is very talented!!

  8. Look forward to seeing these quilts tomorrow.

  9. Those are some gorgeous quilts and I'm enjoying the quilt show from my home:) Thanks so much for sharing what you can with us!

  10. What amazing quilts! I'm glad they gave you permission!! Now so many more people can anjoy their lovely quilts :0)

  11. Beautful amazing quilts..
    Congrats to all the ribbon winners...well deserved!
    Julia ♥

  12. Rules, smules......For goodness sakes, if the quilt is hanging in a show, the the maker expects people to see it. Good greif. Thank your ladies for giving permission, I love a good quilt show from down under!

  13. These quilts are all spectacular! What an amazing amount of talent there is in your group!

  14. Wonderful quilts - I keep wanting to come to Melbourne to see your show - now even more so!! All the quilts pictured here are quite spectacular but I love, love LOVE Chris Serong's quilt of circles!!!! I will be lining up to purchase a pattern from her!
    Thanks again for showing us
    Cheerio, Kirsten :)

  15. Spectacular quilts, thank you for sharing them with us. As for all the rules that have now intruded on all aspects of our lives, I'm thankful that quiltmakers of the past were more interested in just sharing the love of the craft.

  16. Oh my, what glorious quilts! Loved your pictures of the quilts and seeing the names of the quiltmakers and the name of the quilt. Thank you.

  17. Thank you so much for the pics! You are soooo lucky to belong to the Castlemaine Applique Group!

  18. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous quilts. There are some really wonderful ones there, I love the two strippys and the pines trees, in fact it's hard to say I don't love them all.

  19. Thank you to everyone who gave permission for us to see these wonderful quilts and what a clever and talented lot you are. Beautiful quilts. Well done.

  20. Thankyou for sharing these beautiful quilts...and thankyou to those who gave you permission. What an extremely talented group you belong to.

  21. Thanks for sharing, I too went to the quilt show and there certainly was some amazing quilts. I do find though that with all the rules for this and that it feels as if everything is getting out of hand. It is a shame that we just can't share the eye candy with out the fear that some one may reproduce it.


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