Saturday, July 14, 2012

The last of our Red and White Sewing at Sorrento.

l was so happy to put the final seam in this quilt.
With over 3,500 pieces, ( who's counting!! )
 it was a mammoth task. And l loved every minute of it!!

Of course, when you finish a quilt, you can start a new quilt, right??

So, l've been wanting to make a red and white quilt for a while!! LOL
( Can anyone tell me if there is a R&W Annon group for my addiction? )

Edyta had given me these half square triangle papers to try.
What better time than now.

l must admit to not having done much paper piecing.
It wasn't long before l had a container of perfect sized triangles

And another container of paper scraps,
mindlessly removed while watching Downton Abbey on TV.

Remember these blocks  just waiting for inspiration?

Well, its taken its pretty time coming!!
We have tried all sorts of settings. And because 6 of us made
 and swapped the blocks, we are all in the same predicament,
because we are trying to find 6 different ways to
 set the blocks, that each person likes.

You saw in a couple posts back what Anne is doing with hers.
Over the weekend, we cleared the design wall and started playing.

Here is Chris and Sandra putting inspiration on paper.

This is what they came up with. Sandra thinks she will go with this.
More playing. But wait!!!!

 If l turn the hour glass blocks this way..........

You get 2 options using the same blocks, but different!!


Which one would you choose?????

Of course, our weekends are also about food!!
Well, had we remembered to take a photo BEFORE we ate, that is!!

But we did remember to take one before we ate desert!!
Banana and passionfruit on pav!
A marriage made in heaven!!

And just for something NOT red and white,
here are my 55 16 patch blocks ready to be posted overseas.

Those half square triangles from earlier?
This is where l am at. Who knows where it will end.
It truly is an addiction!! LOL

And that's the end of this wonderful sewing marathon.
l hope you have enjoyed seeing what we all enjoyed sewing.

No red and white quilts were harmed in their making.
And all quilts will be on display at Quilts In The Barn in October.

Thanks for visitng.


  1. Wonderful red and white quilts.Your finished quilt is just stunning :) I love the second layout best :) I have always wanted to make a red and white quilt and have collected a lot of fabric, but never got started to sew it.

  2. Looks like a dream retreat... Love both version of the layout. Very inspiring!

  3. Linda your 3500 piece quilt is fantastic, well done. I prefer the 2nd setting, more scrappy.

  4. Fun post & beautiful top!

  5. I just love your 3,500 quilt! Fabulous! I never get tired of the red and white quilts! And I think I like the second choice layout the best, but both are great!

  6. As always the sewing you share is brilliant.

  7. Mary Elizabeth KinchSaturday, July 14, 2012

    Your 3,500 top is "spectacular"! Bravo!

  8. Love every bit of it, as for decisions, I think there might be 2 of these in your future hehehe. What are you using for your red and white? Love all those little pieces, I see you are on the book tour for Small Pieces... Fun!

  9. Gorgeous quilts Linda. I hope all is going well.



  10. The second, for sure.

  11. The second one,
    I'm suggesting a bottle of red to help with the addiction. Lol

  12. I love the first setting you were playing with, the one with the 4-patch cornerstones. And the dessert of course.

  13. I love the R&W Anonymous Group. I am certain that there is a very large group of us after last years Tribute show and your quilt would be a welcome addition to any red and white quilt exhibit.

    1. Another great post with beautiful quilts, your finished quilt is spectacular - sew much piecing!

      I do like all the setting options for the crossing blocks but I think the last one seems to show up how much sewing is involved.

      Looking forward to seeing them all in October.

  14. I like the first setting. Looks like Argyle socks :)

  15. can never get enough of those gorgeous red and whites!

  16. I like the first setting... But like the second better! I think you can whip up some more blocks and make both!! LOL. Beautiful stitching...just beautiful!

  17. Fantastic! What can I say, each and every design was a feast for the eyes. I have a hard time deciding which I like more, scrap or two color quilts. Keep up the great work!
    sue in wisconsin

  18. What a terrific post so full of inspiration!!! I have to say I like the first setting better (both are wonderful though!)

  19. Oh the one you finished is wonderful! I would pick setting #2. Oh those are going to be so beautiful! I wish I could sew with you guys!


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