Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Week's Retreat at Sorrento!

Who knew how much you could get done in a week's retreat!!

On Sunday packing up, as l thought back through the week,
l didn't feel l had achieved much. But back home looking
through the photos, l can see it was a really productive
 week, not just for me,  but all the girls who came.
And because there are so many photos,
 l will share them over a few posts.

At the start of the week, Margaret came
 and gave me some pattern wrtiting lessons on the computer.
Thanks Margaret.

Then l had several quilts to trim and prep for binding.

Make that 3!!

Anne was busy getting her swap blocks sewn together.

And l started work on a border.

For this quilt that l showed you back here!

Anne had some show and tell of quilts
 she has made for our exhibition in October.

These ones have been prepped for hand quilting.

These next few are just back from the machine quilter,
and  had their bindings attached.

l made good progress on the borders.
All 4 finished and ready to be attached.

Then came the decision on which fabric to use!

Stay tuned!! Many more pics and good times to come.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I just love the red and white quilt display.

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  3. My nose smells a red and white event......

  4. Beautiful red and white quilts! Wow. Your getting so many done! Lucky you I would love to spend a day with Margaret.

  5. After seeing her quilts and home in quilt mania I am in awe over her quilts.

  6. Fantastic red and white quilts for your exhibition. I can tell it's going to be as good as the NewYork one.

  7. there are some stunning pieces here.

  8. Those quilts in the making are leaving me breathless.

  9. I can't wait to see all the Red & White goodness that shall descend on your barn....it's going to be amazing.

  10. oh wow...gorgeous red and white quilts. that is going to be an amazing quilt show.
    Julia ♥

  11. Love all the red and white going on. Very tempting.

  12. So many beautiful red and white quilts!! It looks as though you got heaps done!! Melody from The House on The Side of The Hill blog used your barn as inspiration for her penny rug, it's so cute!

  13. You really did work a lot!

  14. Amazing quilts! I never get tired of seeing red and white quilts! You did get a lot done.

  15. Wow - LOTS of red & white - love 'em!

  16. Realey realey beautiful...all these red and white quilts..
    have a nice day..;0)

  17. Lovely, lovely red/white quilts!!!

    On the 4 patch borders, one of the blocks is turned incorrectly (unless you do want it that way) just in case you would like to change it.

  18. I can't wait till October!!!! I hope you are writing a pattern for the Capital T quilt.

  19. It was great being there Linda, and really nice to meet Anne too :-) Does everyone out there in blogworld know what great cooks and hostesses you both are. I really had a super time, thank you. looking forward to seeing you at the next thing, hope I don't have to wait till Quilts in the Barn
    M xx

  20. Wonderful quilts - I am so in love with the red and white hexie flowers.


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