Thursday, July 12, 2012

More sewing at Sorrento. Warning!! Red and White overload!!

Turn away now, run, or change blogs,
 if you are sick of me showing red and white quilts in progress,
 because this post is pretty heavy with them!! LOL

First up, Chris was pretty busy all weekend.
First this applique block,

Then this quilt top,

Which is almost finished,  bar 1 row she left at home.

Then she played with these,

a work in progress.

Sandra was working on this stunning quilt,
 and trying to finish the 3 remaining borders.

Margaret was again working on her T quilt.

Making good progress,

Getting closer,

Till she finally finished Sunday afternoon!!
Simply stunning and worth all the hard work.
Can't wait to see this one quilted!!

l spent some time working on scrappy 16 patches for an international swap.

Jill was working on this lovely red and white wool applique.

 We all took some time out to play with these fabrics.
Had quite a production line going. Chris was cutting,

Margaret and l were pinning,

Can you guess what we are making?

Sandra was busy on the serger,

Finally a lovely pile of these tissue covers.
They will be for sale at Quilts In The Barn.

Well, l have more photo's, but blogger is telling me l have used
 up all my quota for photos and l have to purchase more.
Never seen that before. Does anyone have any tips or hints???'

Hopefully l will be back soon with the rest of our sewing.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Have you been resizing your photos before uploading them? If not you have used a hell of a lot of space. Go back through your old posts, delete some photos (or even whole posts) or if you have the time, delete, resize and upload them again. (the only problem with this is how long it takes and how people who read your blog using a reader will get notification of new posting everytime you edit a post)
    Hope this helps,

  2. This is an amazing post with so much inspiration! What a talented group!

  3. Same happend to me a year ago. So I bought some more space, it was not expensive at all (just a couple of dollars). And I have started to use LiveWriter when I make my blogposts. It is so easy to use LiveWriter to upload photo (all at one time), make links and do other fun stuff. And you publish directly to your blog without it taking so much space. Just download LiveWriter from the net and link it to your blog. You will love to blog with LiveWriter.

  4. I love the white wool on the red background!

  5. I never get tired of looking at red and white quilts! So inspiring! Thanks.
    Diane in Minnesota

  6. Getting tired of red & white quilts? You must be joking! Love Chris's appliqué block.

  7. Overload? Red and white? Never. How fun that all your sewing buddies are working on all these red & whites. I just love the finished one in this post, oh and that lone star with diamond borders, oh la la.

  8. Gorgeous quilts.....I think I need to make a mini of some of them! And I've never heard of running out of space on the blog! I've posted dozens of pics on posts before, and nothing ever popped up! Weird!

  9. Such busy bees! It looks like you had lots of fun and got TONS done. I envy your floor space! The tissue holders are sweet - a very different design from the one I use but it looks like they might be faster too. What a great idea!

  10. Linda, it is so inspiring to see what you and your friends are making! And how fortunate all those who can attend the Quilts in the Barn event will be! i'm looking forward to seeing more red and white posts.

  11. Nope - I don't get tired of red and white quilts :0) I love Sandra's- what a gorgeous block and I bet some pretty quilting will go in the alternate blocks.

  12. Your exhibition is going to be something else. All fantastic.

  13. red and white soooo inspiring. I'm starting a red and white new youk beauty. lots of different reds with a variety of white, ivory and maybe even some cream.

  14. I never get tired of red & white either. They are all gorgeous and I can't wait to see them hanging in the Exhibition.

  15. Keep those posts coming!! I love red & white quilts. Can't wait to see the pics from you exhibition in October. I'm amazed how much progress your guys (ladies) make.

  16. There is never too much red and white!! Love seeing the photos.

  17. I can't wait until the next Quilts in the Barn show. The red and white quilts will be wonderful to see.

  18. Oh those kleenex holders are clever! I LOVE that Red and White quilt top Chris made, the one with the row she left at home? What block is that? I think that may have to be my Red and White quilt. I really love it!


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