Monday, July 23, 2012

Antique Pineapple Quilt.

Kathie, over at Inspired By Antique Quilts has been
sharing photos this week from an exhibit she visited 
at the Mercer Museum in  Doylestown,  Pennsylvania.
Oh, how l wish l could visit this exhibit.
Of course, the next best thing is seeing Kathie's photo's.

And it reminded me that l have not shared photos of
my antique Pineapple Quilt that l bought in Kansas City.

So sit back and enjoy a feast of color.
There are wools, silks, velvets and l am sure other fabrics that
 l have not discovered yet. Every time this quilt comes
 out to play, l see something new. Its exciting to open and look at.
Its lived a hard like. Its not in perfect condition,
but you can tell, its been loved, and its still being loved.
Don't forget to click on the picture to enlarge for a closer look.

l love the way the color placement changes the look of the block.

And if you count, many blocks are made of different amounts of blades.

 Love the soft pattern on this blue fabric.

Vibrant color combination.

And of course, patterned fabrics give a totally different look.

This is the fabric on the back. A cheater cloth.
 This quilt is dated around 1870's, so no wonder she's a little frayed around the edges!!

l hope you enjoyed seeing my pineapple quilt. It was fun to give her an airing!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Really beautiful! Is that cheater cloth on the back antique also? I just posed a pineapple quilt tonight also. I have always wondered how to quilt a pineapple quilt...have never seen an old one quilted before. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Linda, it is amazing and beautiful!! You are lucky to own such a jewel.
    The backing is so much fun!!

  3. Thank thank you so much for sharing this quilt with us! It's absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed the bits you pointed out, the different number of blades and stripey fabric. The backing is wonderful too, if someone reproduced that fabric it would sell like hotcakes!!

  4. Gorgeous! What great fabrics - thanks for all the closeups. I love the backing too :0)

  5. thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt Linda....gorgeous!

  6. I can see why this ended up in your suitcase, it's amazing. I love how the quilter just switched colors mid stream. Seeing how beautiful that is with all the "bumps and bruises" is a lesson in not getting hung up on perfection. Lovely, thanks for taking so many photos and sharing.

  7. That's a beauty Linda. How many pieces in that ? Love the cheater cloth too. One for you to reproduce perhaps.

  8. She is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Hi Linda, I belong to Essendon Quilters and I am organising a bus trip to visit on Saturday October 6. I already have a really large group interested. I need a few more details. My email address is Could you please contact me so that I can finalise some details.
    Thanks, Nadine

  10. What can I say. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm not into pineapple quilts but I think I really need to change my mind after seeing this quilt. Love the color. I agree with Lori, you are one lucky person to own this quilt. Enjoy airing her once a while.

  11. Nice front but the printed patchwork "cheater cloth" on the back is fabulous!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Linda, Oh what a joy to behold! i thoroughly enjoyed all the close-up shots of your gorgeous antique quilt!! thanks so much for sharing your little treasure with us :))

  13. Oh what a fantastic quilt! I think it to be just a beauty!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I just love a good pineapple quilt!!

  14. What a wonderful quilt and it is certainly one you will never tire of seeing with all the quirky aspects to it. Take care.

  15. This is so fabulous! I love all those blocks with the chunky strip used! And that yellow/red block on the bottom row is so good! Thanks for sharing! I can't get enough of Pineapple quilts!

  16. So breathtakingly lovely!!! What a treasure.

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  18. just beautiful...oh I am so glad you bought this one its a treasure!

  19. The colors are incredible in this quilt. Thanks for the detail photos.

  20. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L Never mind the blocks aren't exactly the same size. That's personality.

  21. What an amazinging quilt, lots to study and enjoy in it. I can just imagine the piecing and how long it must have taken. I especially love the graphic effect from the way the fabrics have been placed.

  22. incredible pineapple. I've been collecting and studying them for a year or so and its amazing how differently they can look! I love the stripes in this one - lucky you to own such a beauty - thanks for sharing it with us. Can I pin it?


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