Friday, March 29, 2013

Red Green and yellow antique quilts!

Kathie has been sharing photos of her stash this past week,
 and finally admitted that green is the largest color in her collection.
 So being the good friend l am, l have been hunting for inspiration quilts
 to get her using some of that wonderful fabric.
 l wanna go play in her sewing room!!!
The following photos l have stored on my computer.
And mostly found on ebay in the past or google search.
l have no history or information on any of them, just pretty pictures to look at.
Like most of us, l collect the photos for inspiration,
 and have thousands on them saved on my computer.
l hope you enjoy looking at this collection of red, green and yellow antique quilts,
 and l hope Kathie is inspired too!!


Thanks for visiting.


  1. Now that makes a girl's juices going! Two of the shown quilts are on my definite bucket list. Since ages. Better tackle them to find some peace of mind.

  2. Oh my, what a yummy post! I think its great that Bev is making you applique blocks in exchange for fabric - would love to see this amazing fabric!!! Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous quilts. I'm going back for another look!

  3. So nice, thank you for sharing, they certainly inspire.

  4. These are all so awesome! I especially love the 2nd pic and AW's 1958 quilt with the half blocks! So great! Thanks for sharing them! And, of course, I need to get busy doing some applique now.....cuz I am totally inspired by these!

  5. I wish I could it would be grand to get on with some of these quilts.... thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Thank you so much for all these inspirational quilt pictures! This is by far my very favorite color combination/love for antique quilts!

  7. TONS of inspiration here. I loved this post - Thanks!

  8. Love, love all of them. One of my favourite colour combinations for antique style quilts.

  9. Great posts and projects today!

  10. Wow wow! they are wonderful. I have also been storing photos rather randomly on my computer but my daughter has just created a Pinterest account for me - so much easier - am having lots of fun with it. Now I can pin some of these too.

  11. They're wonderful and my favourites too. Thanks for sharing the photos.


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