Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sorrento sewing.

Several of you suggested l take all the projects with me,
 and that's what l did. Across the weekend, l managed to do a little on each.
 Just being able to put the blocks on the design wall, and see if the fabrics l had chosen,
and the settings l was wanting to do, was a wonderful achievement in itself.
l don't have a design wall at home at the moment. l use the floor.
And its not the same!
 But that's all going to change this year, as l make some long
over due changes to my sewing studio.
So here is a few progress shots for you to enjoy.
 l'm not showing you everything!
 l want to wait and finish a few before they make their appearance.
Who doesn't love a nine patch quilt?
These are from an online swap, and l am so happy to see this
quilt well on its way to finished. The diagonal rows are complete.
 Now to join all those rows together!

Made a great start on this one too.
 It was lovely seeing this on the design wall.
Yes, l know there is one block not quite right!
These are swap blocks, and that's how it came.
 And no, l'm not fixing it!
These blocks have been around a while too.
l felt like l achieved so much this weekend.
All quilts have been on the wall.
All have had their fabrics cut.
All have had some stitching done.
All WILL get finished!!
Of course, no weekend would be complete without food photos!

This was our dinner Thursday evening.
A delicious chicken and chorizo paella.
With wine of course!

Friday nights dinner.
Scones, both savory and sweet,
Home made baked beans. Thanks Chris!
Another new favorite recipe.

My friend had a birthday over the weekend,
and as she was not able to be there with us,
we made her a birthday sign, took a photo and sent it to her.
Happy birthday Debbie!
We just used left over fabric scraps and our design wall.
Be back soon with some photos of what everyone else was sewing.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. I recognize those nine patches...lovely setting!

  2. Your quilt tops are looking very beautiful! Looks like everyone had a great time!

  3. So lucky you are to be having such fun with your friends! Ya'll always seem to have a great time! Love all the goodies you showed!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful productive time - and some 'finishes' on the way - lovely work!

  5. I like the way you finished the nine patch quilt. I love to see people finish up projects that they have had for awhile. Makes me feel normal---some just have to age a little to get to the right point of being set in a quilt. I really like the stripe fabric you used as a sashing with the blue and white blocks. You already have the humble block done for you!!! Looks like you had a fun time. I just read the article about you and your barn in the Quiltmania magazine from Jan/Feb. Just got to my neck of the woods. What a great fundraiser you have done for breast cancer. It was a fabulous article and was fun to read about the different people and quilts you have had at the barn. Red and white quilts will always remind me of the great show and they are just so eye-catching. Good Luck with the organization of the next show. Wish I could volunteer to help--but at least I can read about it!! Thanks for sharing on your blog. Judy

  6. More great quilting pictures - love them all. The food looks so yummy; especially the potatoes and the bean dish. Yum! I recognize the Jo Morton fabric in the setting triangles but what is the stripe fabric you use in the strippy sashing? That blue and brown combo is not to be ignored.

  7. Great job Linda, loving the strippy blue and brown.

  8. Great photos Linda, a very productive break.
    Compliments to the chef/s.

  9. Really like the swap blocks in the vertical setting. Wonderful to feel like you're gaining on all the projects you took!

  10. I love the sashing stripe on the blue and white blocks. You've accomplished a lot.

  11. What a fun birthday greeting! Look at all of those great projects -I'm with you, the floor doesn't work so well after we've become accustomed to a design wall.

  12. what is that lovely setting fabric on the blue and white swap blocks quilt????? fabulous!

    1. Its by Jo Morton, from her Sweet Emilie range.

  13. What a fabulous weekend! Loving the quilts.

  14. Thanks for the food ideas, I needed a few new recipes!

  15. I love your nine patch and the other projects look wonderful. Ha, I love the rogue block.
    Glad you had such a great time away.


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