Thursday, February 28, 2013

9 patches and half square triangles.

Here are those 9 patches l mentioned waiting to be swapped this weekend.
All 160 of them.
Of course, we used a quilt as inspiration when we decided on the swap,
 but that does not mean that's the quilt everyone will make.
l'm still thinking on mine.

While l was busy at the machine, l also stitched up 10 pages
of paper pieced triangles,

The half square triangles come out perfect when using this  technique.
Stitch on the broken line, cut on the solid line.
Then enjoy an hour of mindless paper ripping in front of a good program on
the tv, and you have a pile of perfect half square triangles for a new project.

Pinned, ready to go.

 All trimmed, ready to be exchanged.
Nice pile of trimmings. Much easier to trim these pages than each and
every individual triangle, as l have been doing for years.
This is an ongoing swap with my Sorrento Sewing group.
So we will be busy this weekend, swapping 9 patches and triangles.
These are the triangles below we swapped in january.
Can't wait to see what the girls make with these.

A good point of reference for quilts to make with these triangles
is Edyta's book, Friendship Triangles.
She gives you hints how to run a swap, and then beautiful quilts to
 make when you have a wonderful collection.
Another great place for inspiration is Google Images.
Search for antique triangle quilts, and be amazed!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. I just dropped off my 1/2 sq tri's at my LQS for a swap and made a bunch of cream/cheddar ones last night. love using the papers, so easy to make stacks of them for swaps. Your 9 patches are as cute as can be, can't wait to see what they become.

  2. What fun! Lots of ladies around here did swaps for a while after Edita came here to speak. We had lots of quilts at the show last year that were made from these block that were swapped. It was lots of fun to see them all!

  3. Looks nice but the last time I used paper to make "the phonebook" quilt it ruined my sewing machine , it died..

  4. I've never used those papers to make HSTs but I can see how they would be perfect for a swap - everyone's turns out the same size! Looks good!

    BTW - can you tell me if Robyn Ahern has a blog anywhere?

  5. All your block photos recently are making me drool. There are so many quilts I want to make with brown nine patch blocks. But, getting them finished is such a chore. I might have to give those papers a go. I usually use Thangles. I do like the mindless ripping part. Quite satisfying.


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