Friday, February 8, 2013

A finish and a light bulb moment!

A finish!!
They say good things come to those who wait.
l first blogged about these pinwheels way back here in June 2010
 and here in September 2010.
One can't hurry sometimes!!
l am so glad to see this finished and ready to be quilted. Its full of memories.
Most of the blue fabrics were collected on my first Houston visit in 2009.
l have only used conversationals as the lights, and even went as far as fussy
cutting the cute pinwheel fabric for the cornerstones.

Later the same day l decided to throw these spiderweb blocks on the wall.
They too have been sitting around brewing, mainly from lack of inspiration.
Inspiration as to what to use in the corners.
l seemed to be so close and yet so far.
Several times these have been on the design wall, and taken down
again without any further advancement.
Does that happen to anyone else?
l had my mind set that we would make a decision on these,
 so we pulled out several different fabrics, cut triangles
 and tried many different combinations.

But nothing was working. We tried spots, stripes,

 blues and  reds, till we finally gave up and walked away.

Then just as l was thinking about going to bed, l had a light bulb moment!!
Why not try using the fabric that is the centre ring in the web.
So a quick flurry of cutting, placing and standing back, and we knew!!
Sandra and l looked at each other.  This was it!! we both said at the same time.
Hmmm!!! Why did it take so long to figure this one out!!
This was what those blocks were trying to tell me all along.
And l love it!!
Just a few more hours and this top will be done and dusted, and worth the wait.

Deep in the box the above blocks came from was all the left over wedges,
so l got to playing with them the next day. 
Super scrappy using all the left overs.
Hmm! Maybe that's what l could call this one.
Left overs!

This is how they look now, all finished.
Just might need to tweek the placement of a few blocks.
These 9  will be just a small wall quilt,
 maybe with a border to make it to the size l want.

Well, as always, l have left the best till last!
In my opinion of that is!!! LOL
Thanks for visiting.


  1. You've been doing wonderful things in your sewing room. The red sashing is wonderful with your pinwheels. I'm impressed by your fussy cut pin wheels! Your spider web quilt is fabulous - I love it!!

  2. amazing all your getting done! LOVE the pinwheel quilt it is just beautiful....
    conversation prints I haven't ever collected, guess I had better start!
    great progress on the second quilt, looking forward to seeing what other quilts will be worked on, sometimes they just need to marinate in the closets don't they?

  3. That spider web quilt is a beauty and can't wait to see all these quilts quilted .

    I have lots of ufo's hiding away waiting for that light bulb moment.

  4. Your quilts are beautiful. Especially love the last one, as predicted! But they are all stunning!

  5. These quilts are so beautiful.

    Liebe Grüße Grit from Germany,

  6. Again, I love what you're doing, especially the spiderweb. Just a quick question though: why not use the 16 blocks?

  7. I usually quit working on something when I can't decide--then never get back to it! Congrats on powering through to a solution! :) All of your quilts look great, but I have to admit that my favorite is your leftovers one--love the super scrapiness of it!

  8. I totally love all these projects! That scrappy one at the end is awesome!

  9. Love what you're doing with these two! The spider web quilt is esp. amazing and you found the perfect solution for it. And yes, I have done that very same thing, working and working at different times trying to find the perfect solution that is just out of my reach! It totally makes it worthwhile when you finally get that light bulb moment!

  10. You've been finishing some fabulous quilts. Well done you!!

  11. I love the spider web. Those colors are absolutely my favorite. Can you tell me where I can get the pattern you used?


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