Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hello? Any one there?

l didn't mean to stay away so long!!
l had Internet service at the beach house, but only my ipad for company,
so l could check on blogs and leave comments,  but blowed if l know
 how to use it to post photos on my blog, so wait l did.
During my stay at the beach, l enjoyed 2 lovely weeks of stitching time.
 The first was 5 days on my own, and mostly l worked on starting
 and completing some VERY overdue birthday quilts.
The second 5 day stitching marathon, l was joined by Anne, Sandra,
 Margaret and Jill. Lots more sewing, more quilts finished.
At the end of my 2 weeks sewing, l had emptied 12 bobbins.
 That's a LOT of sewing, so l have LOTS to share.
l made a good dint on some PHD's that NEED to be finished.
And now l have had a lovely week at home settling back in
 and ready to start blogging again.
And boy, do l have LOTS to share with you.
Where to start??
l can see Kathie has shared her latest quilt with you,another lovely quilt in the making,
 so thought l would start there, and share mine. Of course,
 we have both been inspired by the same books and same quilt.
One of the birthday quilts is for my sister. She knew she wanted blue and white,
something modern she said. When she was sewing with us in November,
she spied the blue and white quilt l have on my bed.
THAT'S IT! she said. That's what l want.

l started with a pile of yummy fabrics.
Cut them into strips.

Made strip sets ready to sew.

Cut the strip sets.

Ready to add the other sides.

Blocks all finished.

Rows completed.

On the design wall for any final adjustments.
If you look hard to the left, behind the chair, you can see the inspiration quilt on my bed.
( Don't forget you can click on the photos to make them larger)

Half way!!

Top completed!! Yay!!!
169 blocks in total.
A great days sewing.
And best of all, one birthday quilt ticked off the list!!!!

Close up of the fabrics.
Here is my red and white version that Kathie mentioned.
l first blogged about it back in Feb 2011.
Its been quilted and bound. This quilt received a lot of attention
 at our exhibition last year. So a pattern is coming soon!!
l finished my original blue and white one back on November 2010.
Its the largest one l have made, and fits our king bed nicely. See the one red square?
What's this you ask????
Well, l can only blame it on holiday brain.
When l did the maths, l didn't check twice before l cut,
( seams l have a habit of doing this, ask my girlfriends!! LOL )
 and these are left over blocks.All 150 of them. So l have a few choices.
l can make another quilt the same, just need a few more blocks,
 but l have one already and don't need another.
l can make a few baby quilts, 3 at least.
  l can put them in the orphan box,
and who knows, maybe one day l can use them for a different project.
Or a quick gift quilt if the need arises.
What would you do???
Lots more to share in the coming weeks.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. You are right...the fabrics are yummy! I did click on the pictures because I just had to take a closer look at those fabrics and the stunning quilts! What to do with the extra blocks? Giveaway to a fellow quilt blogger who admires your treasures? Giggle...actually, I like your idea of three baby would make three families so happy! Thanks for coming back and sharing!

  2. Gorgous fabrics, love blue and white and finished one top from Indigo Crossings, and collecting more blues for a second blue adn white quilt. I would be making a few cushions to match your quilt and the gifted quilt. Or they would make an amazing bag - large obviously, one for transporting quilts or two tote bags?

  3. I saw Kathie's post - your quilts are gorgeous!! Can't decide if I like the red or the blue better. What size are the blocks?? I'm assuming you could use scraps instead of strip sets. Great job.

  4. Gorgeous fabrics and a beautiful quilt to follow. I love blue and creams together and have always meant to make a quilt in these colours - so you have inspired me. Think I'll put it on this years to do list - boy is that list getting long already.

  5. Red or blue which ever you choose they both look wonderful.

  6. love the look of that quilt. the B-day recipient will be all excited.
    as for the left over blocks,
    There are so many choices. donation, give away, another gift, tombola. Im not much of helf there.

  7. Wonderful! So much progress! I'd save the blocks for a quick gift quilt. It would be super fast and guaranteed loveliness.:)

  8. These quilts are beautiful!! I just saw Kathie's post. How funny! Great minds think alike! Whatever you do with your extra blocks I know they wont be wasted.

  9. I just wish I could have been at the beach house sewing right along with you. maybe by next week I will have a quilt too!
    great photo's! and of course I NEED a red and white one too!
    thanks Linda :)

  10. Boy, I thought Keryn had an overcutting problem! Did you use up all your stacks of fabric by 'accidentally' cutting a whole extra quilt out? I think this is so funny!

  11. Beautiful post and beautiful inspirations... What I would do... probably use them as a border either on the ouside of the quilt or inside the quilt for example surrounding a large center appliqué block...

  12. Great fabrics and quilts. I love the one red block in the blue and white quilt. Hmmm...what to do with all those "leftover" blocks. I would go ahead and make a quilt to have on hand for the next time you need a gift.

  13. It worked up so fast, that I would put those leftovers together and have a 'quick gift' quilt on the ready! I love this pattern, and I think I might have to do it in browns (just to be a little different)! :o)

  14. Looks like a quick gift quilt to me. The blocks are fabulous and would be a shame to put them in the orphan box. Your red version is also fabulous. This is a quilt I would love to make as I think I could use up quite a lot of my stash. Either red or blue.

  15. I think since you are on a roll, you should get them pieced together now. You will have a top on hand for a last minute gift or donation. I love your quilt! I haven't been able to cut up my Indigo Crossing fabrics yet, but I am tempted to do the same blocks--very effective!

  16. I haven't figured out how to post blog pictures from my iPad yet either, but I've seen other people do it so I know it can be done. Lovely two colored quilts you've made - with the extra blocks maybe you can cut them twice on the diagonal - then mix opposite arrangements and sew them back together? Hmmmm....

  17. Sounds like a wonderful time at the beach! Love those quilts! So simple and fast to put together! Lucky friend you have! Did you see that you won the drawing from my Birthday Party a week or so ago? Send me your address and I will send you your Birthday Present!! ;-)

  18. Welcome back! What wonderful quilts and if you were looking for a modern quilt this is it! Both colorways look very modern to me- beautiful!!

  19. Make the babyquilts.
    The mothers would love them.
    Greetings from a windy Holland.
    Janny Schoneveld

  20. Beautiful quilts both blue and red. I would probably just put the extra blocks away and wait for inspiration. Sometimes I dream about a particular quilt and when I wake up I have to get busy.

  21. Welcome back to blog world! My, you've been busy - love the blue and white!! Looking forward to seeing more of your show and tell.

  22. Love this two color quilt; they are so fun to make, especially in between scrappy WIPs.


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