Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Swap blocks and more swap blocks!

As mentioned in my previous post,
one of my goals this year is to finish up some old PHD's. ( Projects half done)
And so far, l am very happy with my progress. One of the area's
that also needs attention is the overflowing basket of bags of blocks.
See, l love to take part in block swaps, and over the last 8 years,
 l have taken part in many, both with online groups,
and with my Sorrento sewing girls.
Many of the swaps l have done with my Sorrento girls,
have been made into quilts, because we see each other regularly,
which inspires us to  turn those swapped blocks into quilts.
The blocks that have been most neglected have been the
 ones from online swaps.So when my stitching buddy Bev
came for a visit on Saturday afternoon, l decided that rather than stitching,
 we would try and make some headway with my bags of blocks.
The photos below was the result of a few hours happily spent
in my sewing room, trying different fabrics, and setting suggestions.
Thanks Bev for some wonderful suggestions!

Brown and blue. Who doesn't love that combination.

This pile is a set of basket blocks. All different baskets.

These cake stand blocks, in one of my favorite color combinations,
have been a challenge. Dixie, who also took part in this swap, is
making  a wonderful quilt, using applique blocks.
 Hmm! This is when l wished l loved applique more!!

l have enough of these blocks to make 2 quilts,
so some will go into this quilt, with these fabrics.
Just look at some of those wonderful fabrics.

l have a ton of 9 patches, in both 6" and 3",
so its time to make a dint in them as well.
These 6" blocks will be set on point with this fabric.
One of the things l love about swapping blocks is the
wonderful variety of fabrics in the blocks.
And a little bit of each person's personality shows through in the combinations
 of fabrics they put together in a block.
Will women in the future think l had an amazing scrap basket?
Not if l remember to put labels on these quilts!!!
Here they are. The next 6 quilts ready to go.
Hmmm!! Now my biggest dilemma is which one to start on first??
Of course, because the blocks are already made,
 they should not take too long to make into tops.
l am heading off to Sorrento again thursday for a sewing weekend.
Do l take all 6 piles, and play, or should l just take a few??
How does one choose which one to start first??
Off to sew 9 patches. For a swap of course!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. I totally envy all your basket blocks! You have a great start to some more finishes.:)

  2. They are going to be wonderful made up - have fun there! I especially love the red and green and yellow basket fabrics :)

  3. It would be like choosing a favorite child!....it can't be done! Take them all.....I'll bet you can get a bit done on each one! :o) These are all going to be lovely!

  4. Take along all the blocks and then you can pick which one you want to work on while you're there. I must say, you're pretty organised to get all the matching fabrics to go with them. There are some gorgeous blocks in there.

  5. If you want some finishes only take a few but knowing you your be stitching up a storm and whip through the lot.
    They are all gorgeous blocks and like you just like piecing . Love to look at appliqué but not keen on doing it.
    Have a lovely stitching weekend.

  6. These are all going to be gorgeous quilts when finished.

  7. Wow that is alot of block swaps! I love the basket blocks, please take them to finish this weekend!

  8. WOW, you do have a collection, don't you?! It's wonderful to know that you have 6 quilts just sitting there ready to go to the next step. Love them all but am particularly keen to see what the basket blocks become - I'd take that one to Sorrento :).

  9. I am green with envy at those piles of gorgeous blocks!

  10. Wow - you have the potential for a LOT of spectacular quilts there! Can't wait to see them develop!

  11. It was fun to see all your blocks and borders. I especially like the yellow and pink together and am looking forward to seeing that one finished. You've got some lovely yardage. Makes me want to go shopping~

  12. There is so much patchwork yumminess in this post!! I think take them all because it's Murphy's Law if you leave any behind they'll be the ones you wish you could work on.

  13. Great projects all lined up waiting for you. I'd have to flip a coin since they are all so beautiful!!

  14. I love the term..PHD's It looks like you found the perfect fabrics to tie the different groups of exchange blocks together. Have a fun weekend.

  15. Can't wait to see the delicious quilts you cook up with the blocks! I can't resist a block swap either - they are always so much fun! So sweet of you to mention my quilt - its been an enjoyable adventure!

  16. plenty of things to play with i'd say....and all gorgeous too!

  17. Love. this. post. It makes me want lots more fabric and a whole lot more time for sewing. I am curious to see what you will be doing with the baskets with the curved handle. And I can't wait to see the cake stand quilts. Love those colors and can never get enough of them.


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