Friday, February 22, 2013

Some finishes and another start.

When one decides which project to work on next, its easy to
 be distracted by something new. l am very familiar with this,
 which explains why l have so many PHD's lurking in my cupboard.
And of course, they in themselves are a distraction.
So my mission this year is to work diligently on finishing up some
 of those projects that have been waiting patiently for my renewed attention.
And try and make some kind of order in my sewing room.
Plans are afoot for new window coverings, and a new table.
There are so many new things that are a distraction,
 but for now l am staying on course.
Here is the scrappy spiderweb all together.
l am very happy with how this quilt turned out.
Its off to be quilted soon!
And the larger spiderweb is also together.
Super happy this one is finally finished and ready to be quilted.
Love the secondary pattern that has emerged.
These Ohio star blocks l rediscovered in a a tub recently.
 l first showed you them here
Of course, the pattern that l was going to use
isn't holding my interest anymore, so its on to something bigger and better l hope!
Does that happen to you?
The centre is complete, now l have to work on the outer border.

This is my pile of tops l brought home with me.
Its a great feeling to have completely finished 3 tops,
 and 1 well on its way to finished.

 That's what l call a successful sewing weekend!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Hello there,
    I love these. I also want to encourage you to finish up PHD's - not sure what that means. I know them as UFO's (unfinished objects:) I did the same thing a few years ago. Some I finished up and some I just got rid of - It was a relief to know they were done or gone. Your work is beautiful - keep it up.
    Many Smiles,

    1. Hi JoeyLea, Thanks for your encouragement. Its appreciated. PHD's stand for Projects Half Done. This was told to me by my friend Francoise. She tells me if we have lots, then we are very smart quilters!! l like to think she is right!!

  2. I love to see such progress! Your spiderweb quilts are both so beautiful, and I detect that your Ohio Star will not be far behind. Keep up the great work...I love to see it all!

  3. Very successful - they are beautiful!

  4. What a very productive weekend! Your Spiderweb quilts, both big and small look fantastic. Makes me want to make one.

  5. What great quilts! I really love yoru spiderweb quilts. It really inspires me to make my own version.

  6. Your spider web quilts are great and I also have a spider web UFO. These days I just try to finish more quilts than I start each year because there are always distractions and sometimes they are fun. Take care.

  7. Very successful, indeed. I reviewed my January list and was able to cross off a few things and it's a great feeling! Love the ohio stars, I'm working on 81 of them right now in cheddar and cream.

  8. Congratulations, three completed tops is a huge effort, you must have worked long days!

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  10. Love the spiderweb quilt and the colors. Is there a pattern for the design?


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