Monday, September 23, 2013

Preparing for Quilts In The Barn.

Mary Koval arrived yesterday. We met her and Joe at the airport,
 and boy were we glad we took the big truck!!
Here is their luggage!!
Those 4 big bags were full to the brim with quilts, tops and fabric!
See those orange labels? They say Heavy, bend your knee's.
They weighed a mere 32kg (70lb) each!!

After some lunch and a chance to catch up on news, we decided to unpack the bags.
We layered the quilts out flat on the floor, to give them a chance to unwrinkle.
The pile ended up about 6" high.

And then we made a Sarah Lee quilt cake with them.
Layer, upon layer, upon layer!!
There are some simply stunning quilts in this collection!!

Here are some of the chintz fabrics in a pile.

And some more!!!
Lots will be for sale, but some are from
Mary's personal collection, and will just be for exhibiting.
There is a good pile of quilt blocks .

And quilt tops!!

This is my lounge room floor this morning after our play!!
Boy did we have fun playing with all those quilts and fabric!!

Hope to see you at Quilts In The Barn this weekend!!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. O.M.G.!!!! Those chintz fabrics! I can only imagine what the quilts look like. Have a wonderfully successful event this weekend, and remember - lots of pics...

  2. Boy do I wish I lived closer! What a wonderful sneak preview!

  3. And the fun begins! Have a wonderful time this weekend!!

  4. Wow what a way to spend the evening. So wish I could come along and enjoy your weekend but alas will be working. Maybe next year.

  5. Wow what can I say, can't wait for the weekend,

  6. Looking forward to seeing you and all the fabric and quilts!!

  7. Would love to see this collection of quilts and textiles. I know they will the hit of the event.

  8. I'm looking forward to it. See you Friday!

  9. How wonderful! Good luck with the preparations and can't wait to see pictures of the event and these quilts!

  10. How fun! Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall and see all those wonderful quilts and goodies.:) Looking forward to seeing pictures of your big event!

  11. What a treasure on the floor. Can't wait to see pictures of the quilts.

  12. Very very envious, it looks like you will have another great show.
    Will make it over one day - sigh!!! - meanwhile I shall have to look forward to seeing everyone blogs .
    Have a fun time with Mary and Joe.
    BTW we want to see what you buy.

  13. What a fabulous way to spend an evening, lucky you getting to play with all that eye candy.

  14. oh what fun! wishing you another successful exhibit. So jealous of the people that do get to come visit....
    enjoy your week with Mary and Joe, so nice to have someone to talk quilts with 24/7!!!!!

  15. Wow wish that was my loungeroom floor - they would be amazing. Would love to be there, and I do hope to make the trip one day

  16. Do you have another guest room available? Wish I could see this exhibit....the fabrics are delicious

  17. I am so envious. Karen Styles just posted the raffle quilt. Awesome! Have a great show and see you soon.

  18. Wishing you all the best for a fabulous weekend Linda, cheers! Sharon in Epping


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