Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Quilts 1700-1945

l took a trip to Brisbane recently to visit the V & A Museums
 exhibit that was being held in the Art Gallery there.
There were lovely large banners all over the city.
This one was just across from our hotel.
This one we found in a walkway.

After we checked out the location of the art gallery, we took a walk around Southbank,
 and found this lovely covered walkway.
 The bougainvillea had just recently been trimmed.

The city from the south bank.

These can be found just near the exhibition and convention centre.
Quilts in a different art form.

The  next morning found us bright and early having breakfast at a nearby café
 that Meredithe had recommended, and we now also recommend.
The Blue basement Café is in the ABC building in Southbank.

We met up with friends who had travelled from Sydney,
 and enjoyed a cuppa in the sun.

And even got tattoo's!!
Quilts of course!

And a chance meeting with Rachel from Blue Mountain Daisy blog,
which was delightful.
 While no photos were allowed inside the exhibition,
 this is the book from the V&A, which has the quilts we saw.
You can also google images to see many of the quilts. 
This is the Brisbane version. They are basically the same, just different covers.

This is a must see exhibition if you can. Its on still till the 22nd September,
and we are so glad we went.
 The quilts, the fabrics, the whole exhibit was wonderful.
l am sure we will see many wonderful renditions of these quilts in the coming years.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. I seen bits and pieces from so many Australians - it has been a delight - thanks for sharing

  2. Great post, lovely sunshine everywhere. I saw this exhibition at the V&A in London when it was there, impressive and inspiring!

  3. It's a great exhibition with some real blockbusters....but no really traditional wholecloths.....just one or two.....I enjoyed the exhibition a lot when it was in

  4. Wow, Brisbane has changed so much since I grew up there.

    I am so pleased the V&A has sent this exhibition overseas for the world to see. I wonder if the reaction by the gallery over there was surprised at how sucessful this exhibition has been? I know the V&A didn't expect the numbers.

    I love the quilt 'sculptures'.

  5. I lived the exhibition, so inspiring and amazing to think ladies were doing what we all so enjoy all those years ago!!!
    We enjoyed our breaky at the cafe to!!!

  6. Isn't it wonderful Linda? Looks like you had a fabulous time. xo

  7. Wow, I bet that was fun! I would love to see that exhibit sometime. Would bring me to tears I'm sure. I am working on my version of the King George III Coverlet after being given permission by the V&A. I am so excited to be able to make it. The quilts of that erra are so breathtaking. The creativity of the quilters was amazing...

  8. Wasn't the exhibition just amazing! I was so glad I got to see some of it with you. You helped me see things I would've otherwise missed. Love those tattoos, lol!! The big 3D quilty sculptures were wonderful too.

  9. Quilt tattoos - you rebels! How fun. The exhibit and all of the promotion for it looks wonderful.

  10. This Quilt Exhibition is fantastic, I agree! And good reason to meet friends too :)


  11. There are a lot of quilts I have seen but these are best and I have some homes for rent in Italy and would love to use your quilts over there.


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