Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Look what came in the Mail!!!!

This little fella arrived in the mail recently. My good friend, Robyn, who lives in Sydney, made him and sent him to me. We met several years ago, in a quilt shop of all places!!!!!
When ever Robyn comes to stay, she gifts me a lovely home made goodie. This Santa was for a recent stay.

This gorgeous American Santa is also made by Robyn. He is modeled on a santa Robyn brought home from America last year. He was my 50th birthday present from Robyn. l am very happy to have him in my collection.

This Sheep and his blanket was the first hand made goodie that Robyn gifted me. He's been around for a few years now, and l just adore him.

Then this blanket came the next time Robyn visited. All hand made and very much cherished. My sheep wears this very cute blanket at xmas time.
Here they are all together. They are currently residing on a bench in a corner of my laundry. Funny spot you might think,but l get to see and enjoy them almost every day.l cherish these symbols of our friendship, and feel honoured that a friend would spend her time making gifts for me. Thank you Robyn.

l am packing and organising for my trip with my sewing group to Tassie. We leave early Thursday morning. We have a workshop planned for Friday and a visit to Salamanca Market on Saturday. The Hobart Quilt Show also happens to be on, a happy coincidence.
l will be back next week with lots of photos to share form our visit Down Under,
till then,
Thanks for visiting.


P.S. Robyn has recently started a blog. Go visit and share in some more of her wonderful home made goodies.


  1. Oh how beautiful! She's so very talented! A Very good friend indeed. :)

  2. lucky you! LOVE that sheep and his blankets!
    Beautiful Santa's gifts from the heart for sure!

  3. Those little santas are so cute! and the little sheep! And the blankets so unbelievably gorgeous!!! What a fun post! Perfect for Christmas in July. Have a lovely trip to Tassie, take photos to show us!

  4. How gorgeous, love the sheep! Have a great trip away.

  5. What lovely gifts! Have fun on your trip.

  6. I just went over to see your friends new blog and I already have her marked as a fav on my blog. ;-)

  7. They are so cute, all of them. What a lovely friend you have. Have a great time in Tassie, you may need to pack the thermals!


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