Thursday, July 29, 2010

More quilts from the Fair!!!

This quilt is called Repro meets Retro, made and designed by Kaye Hoffman. It won a blue ribbon in the Traditional 2 person, both professional category. This is one of my favourites

This quilt is called Insanity On The Goldfields, made by Rhonda Coates. Its a reproduction of the C1860 Salinda Rupp quilt. Pattern by Liz Lois.It was in the Traditional Professional category.

This quilt is called Aunt Millies Garden, made by the Riviera Quilters Inc, and won the blue ribbon in the Open- Group Quilt category. Its a pattern by Piece of Cake Designs.

This is Civil War Bride Quilt made by Ronnie Heagney and was in the mainly Applique Amateur category. The pattern is designed by Corliss Searcey from Threadbear, based on an antique quilt.

This quilt is called Miss Ollies Folly, made and designed by Susie Hipke, it was in the Traditional 2 person Amateur and Professional category. The centre block is a Kim Diehls design, from her Simple Traditions book.

This quilt is called The Perfect Star, made by Maria Campbell, with inspiration from Chris Serong, it was in the Traditional 2 person Amateur and Professional category.

This quilt is called Etales Sur Paris, made and designed by Debbie Edmonds, it won a blue ribbon in the Tradition 2 person, amateur and Professional category.

That's all for today, l have one more set of quilts from the show, and l will be back in the next few days to share them. l hope you are enjoying the photos.

Tell me which one has been your favourite so far and why!! Its always interesting to hear what appeals to others.

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  1. Thank you for the photos of the quilts Linda
    I must say I stopped and looked at all of these
    I thought there were a few more that should have been awarded prizes. Lesley

  2. Miss Ollies Folly and Steves Garden are my fav's so far, I love the appliqued quilts. All so beautiful.

  3. My likes are Insanity on the Goldfields (I think that is how my brain looks and works) and Miss Ollies Folly. Maybe I have forgotten but I can't remember seeing some of these! Am grateful for you and your trusty camera.

  4. Amazing fav are Insanity on the Goldfields and Miss Ollies Folly.
    Just beautiful.
    Julia ♥

  5. I love Repro meets retro but as a Nearly Insaner I just love Rhonda's version too.
    Thanks for the Great Show

  6. they are all beautiful quilts hard to choose a favorite!
    The Salinda Rupp quilt just because it is an amazing quilt, love this woman's color choices, so different than the original! The CWB quilt is simply stunning another amazing quilt. Miss Ollie's Folly love how she took someone else's design used it as a starting point and made the quilt her own....REpro meets Retro very fun, what a stunning quilt....
    Aunt well hopefully some day I will make that quilt as well
    I just love the red background and then how all the other colors pop on Milliesthat as a neutral! this would make such an impact on a wall.
    the last quilt is beautiful too, love the feathered star and the colors in this quilt....
    perfect star is a nice quilt too, I love stars so always attracted to any star quilt!

  7. Thank you for sharing the pictures of such beautiful quilts and displayed in a barn! My favorites are Miss Ollie's Folly and Insanity on the Goldfields. It seems I am not the only one.

  8. Linda it is just not fair to be oceans away. Your quilt show was exceptional!! I love each quilt and all its fabric glory thanks so much for taking the time for some show and share...I will be posting quilts from I went to 2 weeks ago in Picton Ontario this weekend I hope you enjoy them..

  9. I loved Insanity on the Goldfields - so much work involved. I also appreciated all the work that went into Civil War Bride. Thanks for sharing the photos Linda.

  10. I think Miss Ollie is at the top of my list from today's choices. Thanks for sharing photos of quilts I'd never get to see otherwise. I really appreciate that you took the time to add the maker and pattern or inspiration.

  11. They're all outstanding quilts!! My favourite is the civil war wedding quilt. I love everything about it. I'm such a beginner at appliqué that all that beautiful work is so amazing to me.

  12. What a wonderful quilts you have seen! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thanks for sharing, such beautiful eye candy.


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