Friday, September 30, 2011

Behind the scenes at QITB 2011

Here are the crow girls setting up.

Russ lending a hand to get the barn all pretty!!

I know. Leonie is going to kill me for this one!!

Cutting more fabric in preparation for the crowds.

Taking a moment to sit and enjoy the first of many glasses of champagne.

Even Jo pitched in and helped fold FQ's.

Now this is the girl we know and love!!

Taking the fight to the barn!! What a girl will do for a bundle of wool!!

Duelling Camera's at 5 paces!!

'We all know Russ can be funny, but really!!
It went something like "Would you like me to take your photo with Jo? "

l guess l said YES!!

Dad having a quite moment.

Bev having a pensive moment.

Kirsten doing her best "Sale of the Century" impersonation!!

The woolies were put safely to bed, and out of harms way.

Russ and Jo sharing a cookie moment in the kitchen.

Pack up time. All hands on deck.

Even Viv, the raffle winner pitched in to help.

The Crow girls packing up what was left, which was not much!!

All my quilts loaded and ready to head back to the house.

A quiet moment with my girls, while the boys cooked dinner.

Deirdre had a lot to say.
Sorry Deirdre, l kind of owed Leonie this one!!

This year l decided to present our  inaugural perpetual trophy of "Inspiration" for
help  above and beyond the call of duty.
Here is Andy our first winner.

Not only does he help hang the quilts, but he shows up all 3 days to direct traffic,
 run for last minute bread that we forgot, planned and supplied our new pink shirts
we proudly wore all weekend, and then pitches in with his lovely wife and
beautiful daughters where needed on Sunday,
giving up his own fathers day to help us.
That's Inspiration!!

He has nicknamed her "Holy Mother of Inspiration"
l believe she went straight to the Pool room!!

The boys taking a well earned break after parking cars
all weekend and cooking dinner for us girls.

A huge THANK YOU  to my family, especially Paul and Becci who both do an
outstanding job of support and helping,
 Jo and Russ for making the trip across the many miles,
and being so generous with book donations and our 2nd prize quilt,
 Leonie and Deirdre for making the boat trip across the 'Straight'
with all their wonderful goodies for us to buy,
  the many helpers ( too numerous to mention, but you know who you are)
across the weekend,  both male and female, and of course
 the quilt shops who support us year after year, selling raffle tickets,
 and having our flyer's.  Without these people and their support,
the weekend would not happen. Its a true team effort, and l love you guys.

l hope you have enjoyed seeing behind the scenes at Quilts in the barn.
Its a lot of hard work, but many wonderfully funny moments too.
l cherish the memories we made this year.

This year we raised around $12,500 for Breast Cancer research.
Bring on next year!!

Thanks for visiting.


  1. What fun with wonderful friends!!!

  2. It just keeps on getting better and better. Congratulations on your fund raising. Thanks for showing how much work goes on behind the scenes.

  3. Woo Hoo! Well done to all and especially you Linda. It was a great weekend. Love the views from "behind the scenes"!!

  4. I'm giving you my own round of applause!! Bravo! Bravo!!
    I loved seeing "behind the scenes."

  5. Thanks for sharing the views from "behind the scenes", love them!
    Congratulations on your fund raising. I want to send you a loudly shouted Dutch HOERA for that success and the amazing job you did.

  6. thanks for sharing behind the scene pictures this was very fun to see! congrats another great show and donation to BC research.
    Thank you.

  7. Well done to all of you, a fantastic amount of money raised for your charity!

  8. You ROCK! what a fantastic donation you are able to make to something near and dear to me. Thank you for all that you do to Fund the Fight!

  9. What a sum to collect for such a worthy cause. That really is astounding! Loved seeing these photos of all that is involved. The patron saint of the pool room is too funny!

  10. Wow, where is this located? Looks like a fun time. If within driving distance I bet I can raise a carload to come.


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