Monday, September 26, 2011

QITB Raffle Quilt Winner.

                                  Remember this beautiful quilt that many of you sent blocks,
 and l made into this years raffle quilt?

Here is Russ preparing to draw the winning ticket.
Quite a crowd had gathered.

As he read the first name, you can see a lady in the background get excited.

Then jumps for joy, as her full name is read out.
Let me tell you, we were as excited as her.
 This is the first time we have had the raffle winner in the audience.

Here is Viv showing off her newly won quilt!!

Hugging it with joy!!

Celebrating with a glass of champagne.

Getting Russ to add his signature to Jo's block.

And sharing the moment with the rest of the crew!!

Congratulations  Viv. l know this quilt has gone to a home,
 where it will be loved and cherished.

On Friday, l took a trip with Jill to deliver the suitcase raffle to
its very lucky winner. Here is Lynne, with her prize. and now she has
it in her hot little hands, l look forward to seeing
 what treasures she makes with her goodies. There was a ton of Jo fabrics, and also
 loads of patterns designed by The Quilted Crow Girls.

This prize was donated by The Quilted Crow, who were our traders
for the weekend. If you want to see some of the goodies that were in the suitcase,
visit their online shop. Its a real treat.

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  1. Congratulations to Viv. Such a gorgeous prize.
    And how wonderful for her to be present. You could all share in the excitement.
    See you next year?

  2. How fun that the quilt winner was there, and was excited (as she should be!). I've never been involved in a drawing for a quilt where the winner was there. And, to top that off, there have been winners who seemed underwhelmed - how can that be?! Well, I am excited that your lucky gal was excited! It is one great quilt.

  3. I'm always so surprised when winners are announced at raffles, or on the radio, and the winner is so blah about it! I'd be jumping up and down just like Viv! Wooohooo! I'm so glad she won.....and she will certainly love and appreciate it.....Congrats Viv!

    And it was so great to see all the pics of that......thanks.....that was fun!

  4. Congratulations to both Viv and Lynne. I know that Lynne will put her prize to good use.
    As always it was a great show, which we look forward to every year.

  5. Congratulations to the winners. Lucky you.

  6. Congratulations to Viv and Lynne!! I love that you captured those excited shots of Viv as her name was read out!! It really was the most amazing quilt Linda!

  7. Lucky Viv and Lynne! You can really see how happy Viv is with her prize in the photo. I almost wanted to cheer out loud for her!

  8. What great photos of the winners! Even though I'm sitting a world away, I can still get a sense of their excitement! Hope the raffle earned a lot of money for the cause. It was so fun to be part of this, and really love the way you finished this beautiful quilt.

  9. Viv's a very lucky lady ! Again it was a great show this year.Have you posted on your blog page how much money you raised this year, I'm not sure if I missed reading it in another posting

  10. How fun the winner was there and the camera was in just the right place to capture the excitement. Great FUN!
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Congratulations to you and all of your friends and family for a successful quilt show again! I appreciate all of your hard work and that you share so much! It's great fun to be able to see the show through everyone's pictures for us folk who live faraway! Thank you also for inviting us to be a part of contributing to the raffle quilt! Great pictures capturing Viv winning her special quilt! How wonderful to organize such a huge effort from so many people and for such a wonderul cause! Congratulations and thank you again!


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