Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fun at Fall Market.

l have been enjoying my first experience at Market. Meeting so many new people, 
and hanging with wonderful designers.

 Here is Bonnie Sullivan and Kathy Schmitz in their booth. Lovely to chat to, 
and their new book French Inspirations for Artful Hands is a must have.

 Here is Laurie Simpson and Polly Minick. Again, both lovely to chat to, and 
just love their booth.

Found Deirdre hanging out at the Quiltmania booth.

And also Brandon Marly with his spookie Halloween  head wear.

Found Paula Barnes Bonnie Blue booth, and enjoyed a chat with her. Looking forward to 
buying some of her fabric at market. Both her quilts and fabrics are so inspiring.

Also had a great chat with Annemarie Yohnk  from Quilts Remembered in her booth. Her small quilts are wonderful, and mostly made using Jo Morton fabrics, of which l am a huge fan, so a stop in this booth was a must

Have been a huge fan of Renee Plains of Liberty Star  for many years,
and was delighted to finally meet with her.
My stashbuster group has been making quilts from Renee's patterns for years.

Her book is a must have. ( sorry its sideways. Blogger!!  )

Then the ever delightful Barb Adams and Alma Allen from Blackbird Designs.
l meet these lovely designers in Australia one year when they came to teach,
and it was lovely to re-meet them.

 Can't wait to get started on something from their new book.
A Schoolgirls Work.

               Of course, no visit to market would not be complete 
without visiting with Jo Morton and her gang.
Cindy on the left, and Mary Anne in the middle.
Just love those girls. Big hugs to all 3 of you.

Jo's new book, Prairie Flowers Encore is now available, 
and another must have in your library.

Of course, hanging with the The Quilted Crow Girls  was a big MUST, 
and we have been having a ton of fun, and more to come.
That's my travel partner, Anne, in the middle.
                                         Can't wait for their new book, which will be out in May
Here are the girls ringing home with the good news.

Then we attended the book signing for Betsy and Carol's new book History Repeated. 
Waited in line for 45 mins to be the first ones.

If you don't already have this book, run, don't walk, to your nearest quilt shop. Its to die for!!

Well, that's pretty much a wrap-up from Market. Lots more fun was had, but you know, 
what happens at market stays at market!! 
Though l could be convinced to share more pics at a late date!!! LOL

Festival starts tonight, and a whole lot more great happenings to share soon. 
Stay tuned and thanks for visiting,.


  1. I'm a huge fan of Renee Plains, too! I had a class from her several years ago and she was as nice as her patterns are fun. And I agree about Blogger - it likes to post my pictures sideways, too. I wonder if they know??? Thanks for posting your photos - it's the closest I'll come to Market.

  2. Thanks for those pictures. What a great experience to get to see all the designers' booths in person. I am on a 6am flight to Houston tomorrow morning and you've gotten me so excited I hope I can sleep tonight.

  3. Wow! I think you could write a book about your Adventures in Quilt Land! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos!

  4. Looks like you have had a wonderful time, and your booth looked fantastic you have certainly been very busy girls.

  5. Linda, Linda, Linda I'm sooooo very jealous of you! Meeting Kathy Schmitz my ALL TIME FAVORITE designer,(Jo's my 2nd) I think i have nearly all of her patterns,CD roms, a mug with one of her designs (from Zazzle) both of her books. The new one with her sister Bonnie, is just divine I think I was the 1st in Australia to get a copy, & it was signed by both sisters. Kathys other book 'Simple Pleasures in Redwork' has about 10 of her patterns between the covers (I got my from Amazon & it was only US$16.95)
    And I was lucky enough last year to win one of Kathys original artworks which hangs proudly in my house. Perhaps you could invite Kathy & Bonnie to come over for next years quilt show ?????????? If they came you have a hard time keeping me away (I'd be there every day)

  6. Wish I was there too it looks like soooooo much fun but my credit card it quietly dying in the corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. loved all your photos from market......thanks for sharing...........

  8. I'm so jealous! It looks like you are having a terrific time!!

  9. Linda you are meeting quilting royalty aren't you? How fab! Thanks for giving us a taste of your adventures :)

    Sharon in Sydney

  10. Have a wonderful time, or is that stating the obvious?

  11. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)


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