Monday, November 21, 2011

Quilts and Friends at Festival.

Just a hand full of the quilts that caught my eye at Festival this year.

While the quilts and vendors play a large part in the reason l enjoy visiting Festival,
 its the friendships made and strengthened  during my visit that keeps me coming back  each year.

Back row- Me, Deirdre, Carol, leonie, Betsy, Marilyn,
Front row- Anne, Debbie and Kathi.

Cindy, Mary Anne, Jo.

L-R Norah, Kathi, Debbie, Me, Dawn and Sue.

L-R. Anne, Betsy, Anne, Janet, Patricia, Me, Leonie, Betty, Deirdre.

Back row- Betsy, Patricia, Betty, Annette, Leonie, Sonya, Marilyn, Carol.
Front row- Me, Anne, Janet, Deirdre.

Thanks girls for showing us Aussies a GREAT TIME!!
l am very grateful to know and love each and every one of you!!

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Fabulous Quilts! The applique is just too good!
    The little wee beds are adorable.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful inspiration!

  2. Linda enjoyed the post and the pictures of the quilt gals. They are part of the quilt groups I belong to.

  3. beautiful quilts, great pictures with the girls of texas and blog land....
    thanks for sharing , still sad I wasn't there !

  4. What beautiful quilts and pictures. I especially liked the quilt by Kathleen McCrady 'Star Medallion with 96 Baskets'. To have made that quilt just before her 85th Birthday is incredible and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing these stunning photographs of your trip.

  5. Those quilts are all so beautiful....and the stories on some of them made me cry! Truly amazing the talent of these women! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Oh, those are some wonderful quilts, and great pics of all of your group! What fun you must have had. Just can't get over the quilt "finished just before my 85th birthday"!

  7. Linda, it was great meeting you. Also thanks for the pictures above. Funny, how some didn't catch my eye. While they are all my style. Would love to make 'star garden':)
    Next time, we should also take a picture. Let me know when you are in Europe!

  8. It looks and sounds like you have had a wonderful time away. Thank you for sharing photos of those beautiful quilts!

  9. The Friendship Baltimore is incredible and how amazing are those little bed quilts! Lovely to see you with all your friends.

  10. Thanks for the pics of the doll quilts...the one exhibit I missed. Glad you had a good time.

  11. Thank you for sharing these lovely quilts!
    Greets from Holland, Wilma

  12. Great quilts that you showcased. I do love the lone star surrounded by baskets. I finally found the copy of Quiltmania that has showcased Quilts in the Barn, I think I got the last one in our area!

  13. You have a nice selection of quilts to show us from the Festival. I'm especially crazy about the first one - the pinks and browns. Love that pattern and those colors.


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