Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Retreat at Sorrento!!

We had such a wonderful weekend. For 2 days the sun shone, the weather was beautiful.
Then on Saturday, down came the rain and well, we didn't care!!
 Cause we were busy sewing!!

Its wonderful spending time with these girls. We are like a well oiled group.
 Opinions shared, jokes made, teasing, laughs and lots of sewing!!
Not to mention the food!!

This is a quilt Chris finished over the weekend.
She only had the borders to put on.
Its for her daughter's girlfriends 21st birthday.

Then Chris and l decided to make a jelly roll quilt,
using the method shown here.
This is the quilt Chris made, and it only took just over an hour.

Here is mine. l used a roll that was only 1 1/2"wide, so my quilt is smaller, more cot sized.
These were fun to make. My girlfriend, who has just bought a quilting machine,
will quilt these for practise, and we will donate them to a charity.

Here is Bev and Margaret, busy on their hand work.
 Bev is appliqueing a border for her stunning pink and green pot of flowers quilt.
Margaret is making Inner city blocks. Forgot to take a photo when
she had them on the design wall. Sorry!!

Here is Chris, working on a new quilt. She is always busy.

Jill was working on a Chris Kringle project.
And sends a wave to Lynne, who is sure to be watching!!

While standing in line to have my book signed in Houston,
a Moda rep was handing out these samples packs of fabric.
So l had a play with them.

These are the 2 mini quilts l made using a different pack for each quilt.
Cute and fun!!

Friday night after dinner was time for our Xmas exchange.
 Here are all the gifts waiting.

And here are 5 ( and the 6th behind the camera) happy smiling women with their quilts.

This is mine, made by Margaret.

This went home with Bev, made by Sandra.

This is Margaret's, made by Chris.

This is Christines, made by Bev.

This is Sandra's, made by Jill.

This is Jill's, made by me.

Here they are all together on the design wall. All stunning, all made using
Lori Smith fat quarter patterns

Bev also brought this quilt along. A past exchange, only just recently finished,
and now living at Chris's house. See the fingers top right for scale.

And Sandra had this to share. Another exchange in the next week or so.
Sandra has mastered small. The half square triangles are 1/4".
Wish this one was coming home with me!!!

l was also cutting for a new quilt. Red and white of course!!
Its for my daughters birthday, and as she might be looking,
 this is all l can show you at the moment.

Chris was also busy with the rotary cutter, cutting, prepping and sewing
on 2 new quilts.  Both red and white. This is the first.
 A lone star, it will have applique in the outer corners when finished.

This is the centre for the 2nd.

It will have double flying geese borders, and stars in the corners.
Plenty of room for stunning quilting. This one will be a star!!

And of course, to keep our red and white theme going,
delicious raspberry's, picked fresh from my garden,
with cream and meringues. Delish!!!

Off to pick more raspberry's. Any one for morning tea!!

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Lovely photographs and beautiful quilts. You are so fortunate to grow fresh raspberries, I make a nice batch of raspberry (frozen) muffins!! Your red and white quilt looks stunning, what a wonderful birthday gift for your daughter. I am making a Drunkard's Path for my daughter's 14th birthday next May, using lots of Japanese florals and some Lecien fabrics.

  2. Lovely quilts and lovely friends!!! How fun!!!


  3. You really have a great group of quilty friends, every exchange was gorgeous!

  4. I liked your red and white teasers. I can see everyone is gearing up for the next Quilts in the Barn. I am working on my small red and white quilt contribution. Those raspberries look so juicy.

  5. oh fresh raspberries, I Love them, way too expensive around here though.
    Love all the little quilts , what a great exchange that was!
    lots of fun projects being made! Glad you all had fun and were productive too!

  6. So glad you had a great time. Is there any treat more delicious than freshly picked raspberries, still warm from the sun.

  7. Oh my, but your group looks fun! And all those quilts are gorgeous! Holy cow, those are tiny hst's in that mini! That's amazing! The dessert looks amazing, too! Yum!

  8. Looks like you all had a great time sewing & I love all of your little quilts too

  9. Id love to be there for morning tea!! What beautiful quilts and beautiful ladies!!

  10. Love all your antique looking quilts...I'm fortunate to have quite a stash of vintage fabrics, so I try to recreate old quilts too. Take a look at some of them on my blog, website or Etsy shop. If you ever get to the midwest in the United States, look me up!

  11. Looks like you had a very productive weekend. Love all the Show and Tell and your dessert is making my mouth water.

  12. What a wonderful weekend you must have all had and so much achieved as well! Love the mini swap quilts. If you are ever looking for another retreat location my friend and I have opened a new one just a bit over 12 months ago and it would be perfect for a group your size. It is at Alexandra in country Victoria, NE of Melbourne and called Vickery Quilt and Craft Retreat. See us at www.vickeryretreat.com.au

  13. What a talented group. Lovely work.
    I started my Lori Smith quilt (the one that Sandra made ) in Sorrento.
    Little top is done waiting to be quilted and bound.


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