Monday, February 13, 2012

Does this ever happen to you?

So l had some free time to sew over the weekend and today, and decided the best use
of my time would be to clear out some more scraps. l find its hard
 to get inspired for a large project when there is lots of clutter in my sewing room.
 Does this  ever  happen to you?

l had a smallish pile of these hanging around, and not having a definite
idea of what to do, l went hunting on the web. l used google images
and looked for 4 patch quilts, hoping to find some inspiration.
Well, l did. About 3 different quilts.
That's fine, l should have enough to make 3 small quilts.

This one came together quite quickly, and after some advice from a trusted friend,
 this is just going to get quilted and bound. Finished!!

Then a second photo that l had found inspiring, led me to make this block.
But something was not right. It was too heavy.
The reds were not making any kind of statement.

And when l placed a few blocks with the counterpane fabric,
l just knew l was on the wrong track.
Does this ever happen to you?

So, l went back to the start and made a block with the
 opposite colorway, still using the 4 patch's.

That's better!!

But l knew that l didn't have enough of the shirting to make the 9 blocks l needed,
so l swapped the shirting for another.

Made a few more blocks, laid them out on the floor with the counterpane fabric,
 stood back and said, Yes!!
Does that ever happen to  you?

So, l finished making all the blocks l needed, and because the fabrics in
the 4 patches were all scrappy, l didn't play with them much,
 just started sewing the quilt together.
l even considered putting a block the wrong way round. Usually l am happy
to have a humility block in there, but decided not to.

When l had counted the blocks to see l had enough, l forgot to remove the
 one made with the different shirting, so it ended up in the quilt.
 And l didn't even realise till the quilt top was pressed, back on the floor for a photo.
Funnily enough, it ended up in the middle.

 So l guess l did put in my humility block, and didn't even realise.
Does that ever happen to you?

This is what l am moving onto next. And yes, l know what l am doing.
An image on Google Images inspired me.

l have to say, even with all the red and white l have been sewing lately,
 l am still madly in love with it. l guess the Infinite Variety Exhibit in New York last year,
 made more of an impact than even l realised.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I am sitting here with a big smile on my face. Yes I recognize that feeling.

  2. LOVE these quilts, great job. I agree I don't think I will ever tire of making red and white quilts.
    it was an incredible experience being able to go to the show. And of course getting to meet you , Bev and your friends. I think I may have to whip up that first quilt you made, I just love it! ok the second one too.....

  3. Very creative use of scraps! There is nothing better than a R&W quilt.

  4. Great quilts! I got out my red scraps yesterday, but no inspiration. Maybe this will get me going later on today, thanks!

  5. Just listen to the fabrics and they will talk to you. Lovely little quilts and very inspiring for us all with lots of bits cluttering up the sewing table. Take care.

  6. You are so good to use up your scraps! I always end up starting another full size project to use up mine and end up with another UFO. Yours worked out well--your quilts are lovely and the humility block fits right in!

  7. Sweet little quilts, Linda! And I love that 9 patch on point! Beautiful!

  8. Isn't it just fun to play with fabric sometimes?! Your results are great; my favorite is the strippie:)

  9. So cute...each one. Look forward to seeing what you do with the red and white blocks.... :)

  10. yes, yes, yes to all of the above LOL!! i love how much inpiration we can find at our fingers site leads to another & another and on & on!!
    btw your little quilts are a joy to behold and yes i can totally understand your addiction for red & white quilts. I love my little R&W 'cat in the corner' quilt, makes me smile everytime i walk past it :)))) cheers, Marian

  11. It's amazing how we start out with one idea and another one takes over and speaks to us. I love red and white quilts, so you had me at the first picture. Marilyn S

  12. playing with blocks that have no special purpose is one of my favorite things. your blog made me want to go out and purchase more reds, jolyn

  13. I just discovered your blog and love all your little red and white projects. And the humility block is perfect! Funny how things work out! I'll be back!


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