Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A few finishes.

Not much sewing happening here the past week or so.
l and some of the girls did manage a few finishes while sewing
 at Sorrento recently,  so thought l would share them.
This is one of my finishes.
Called Caramel Fudge, its a kit l purchased from Den Haan and Wagenmakers
in Amsterdam earlier this year. You can find the kit for this quilt here.
Its a combination of reproduction fabrics and dutch chintz fabrics.
This one is for my Niece Tegan. An 18th birthday quilt, she turns 19 soon!!
"Better late than never" is a motto l am using at the moment.
l used pink and purple reproductions, teamed with a plain white.
This design came from a girlfriend, and she is not sure where she first saw it,
 so no pattern available that l am aware of.
EDIT! While doing some research online ( quilting of course)
 l came across a blog that had a tutorial for this design so adding the link here.
This was a quick quilt stitched for a great Nephew, who turns 1 this week.
Fun and quick, a split nine patch.

This is a quilt Sandra completed.
Also a kit, the name slips my memory at the moment.

Jill was working on a group project.
This is her contribution to a block in the box.

Margaret was working on a long term hand piecing project.
These blocks are very cute! And remind me of starfish.

My sister joined us for sewing for the weekend,
 and managed to complete her first ever quilt.
Made for her daughter, this is a design l had published several years ago.
 Its a super easy for beginners quilt, that she had no trouble with.
The fact it took 2 years to complete is completely beside the point!!

Here she is with her second quilt, well on its way to completion.
Lets hope this one does not take 2 years!! LOL

Well, that's all for now. Just had a box delivered, and inside are
 some new antique quilts, so l am off to play!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Such beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  2. I love Tegan's quilt. Funny, I have a (grand) niece with the same name. She's only 4 or 5. I am impressed that you bought and finished a quilt kit in the same year. I hope you love the antique quilts that just arrived!

  3. Congratulations to your sister for completing her first quilt....and starting a second! Yay, another quilter in your family!! :)
    I love Jill's block.
    Enjoy your new antique quilts!

  4. Yet another wonderful display of quilts. I love the centre panel in your Caramel Fudge and congratulations to your sister on her first finish! Looking forward to seeing what's in the box???

  5. Caramel fudge is a great addition to your quilts and congratulations to your sister on her first.

    Please give us a show and tell on your latest delivery.

  6. Great display of quilts and well done to your sister for completing a quilt. Hope life is not too stressful. Take care.

  7. Thanks for a great show and tell - love the medallion!!!

  8. What a show and tell. It's great to see a post from you, hope your family is doing ok. I got my issue of Quiltmania and your quilt is fabulous, so happy for your 'cover girl' status.

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    1. Hi there, i wanted to say, loved to see the Caramel Fudge on your blog! I see you used different blocks, that looks great as well!! I designed and made the original CF for den Haan & W, thanks for sharing yours!
      Greetings from Holland, Josephine Gaaf

  10. I love your Garden Fence quilt. The cornerstones are a lovely addition. Thanks for sharing it with me!

  11. Some great finishes there. Love the Caramel Fudge! And well done to your sister - good to see you're bringing another one to the dark side!!


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