Friday, December 7, 2012

Fabric and frustration!

Somehow l locked myself out of my email address.
l have contacted mail2world  many times in the past 72 hours since l did this.
 l have only had automated responses,
and even that took 48 hours from the start of the problem.
All my email contacts are held at that email address.
 l have no way of contacting anyone whom l normally stay in touch with through email.
Its far from life threatening, but l feel l have lost
contact with the world and all my friends.
So if you are reading this and know we sometimes stay in touch,
 l do have another email address you can contact me on
till the problem is resolved. That is, if a real person ever gets back to me!!
l would love to hear from you, especially if you have tried to
contact me in the last 3 days and been told me email is invalid.
l sent my daughter fabric shopping for me yesterday. This is a first for her.
 The shop l wanted to visit is 45 mins from my home,
but only 10 mins from my daughters. So l sent her on a mission to buy
 backing fabric for a quilt. Armed with a picture of the quilt and instructions
 of how much to buy, a flurry of messages and photos
 prevailed during her visit to said shop.
This is what came home.

See those top 4 fabrics? They were on the bargain table.
Now you know we pay a lot more for our fabrics here in Australia.
On average $20 metre.
Well, those 4 fabrics were being sold out for just $2 metre.
No, that's not a typing error.
 $2 metre.
l think l can see some pink and brown quilts in my future and
l think l will be sending my daughter fabric shopping more often!! LOL
P.S. The bottom stripe is the fabric she went for!!
Off to prepare that backing!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Wow...she is a great shopper! Love them al!

  2. I'm so happy she foun such a bargain. It always makes me feel good.

  3. She did a great job shopping you need to send her more often! Hope your computer problems get fixed quickly.

  4. Excellent, gotta love Darn Cheap fabrics, Glenhuntly rd was it? damn why we did we move from Elsternwick LOL Happy sewing that backing and dreaming up new quilts for the other backings.see you tomoro :-)
    M xx

  5. I hope she bought the whole bolt of each! You can't beat that!

  6. was going to say --- it looks like she came home with fab for a new quilt!

    don't you just love shopping with photos and another person's opinion on the other end of the phone!!

  7. She scored, I'd send her out more often! grrrr, technology at it's finest.

  8. Wow, she's quite the bargain shopper. She did a good job!

  9. I love a good bargain! My best was ten yards of beautiful soft brushed flannel for $2 a yard! I got 13 yards for a few good backs! Good luck with your email troubles...I would go mad without it!

  10. Hi Linda,
    Send two e-mails to different addresses. Both bounced. Maybe get a gmail-account. That always works, really! Have yourself a good weekend and enjoy putting on the backing.

  11. She's a good shopper - must be in the genes!


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