Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fabric, quilts, A Barn and a Giveaway!!

My email is back up and running thank goodness.
My, how we have come to rely on the technical world!
After my DD's successful shopping trip,
l took a few girlfriends back the next week,
 and these fabrics below are what came home with me.
An early Christmas present to myself.

Have found just a little time for stitching. These paper pieced,
soon to be half square triangles are for  a swap l am
 doing with my Sorrento Sewing group. No plan, but enjoying
the simple stitching required. An evening in front of the
telly to remove the papers coming soon!

l am using Edyta Sitars Triangle Exchange papers.
 They are quick and easy to use. About 5 minutes to sew a page,
about 5 more minutes to cut them apart and your ready to
 remove papers. The best thing l like about them is they are so accurate.
No more trimming each square to the correct size.
And no waste!!
My Sorrento Sewing Group  had an evening out recently to exchange christmas gifts.
Yep! You guessed it. Mini Red and White Quilts!
Here we are with the quilts we each took home.
Sandra, Margaret, Chris, Me and Jill.

Anne and Bev.
These are done in secret, so no one knows what anyone else is making.
 l love that they are all different.
l have been meaning to show you a gift two special friends gave me recently.
This gorgeous tin barn!! Those girls so get me!!

Its just perfect to take my hand stitching in when we
 head up to Castlemaine for Applique Group.

And as its Christmas, l thought it time for a giveaway!!
The first person to guess correctly what l am doing in the photo below will
receive in the mail a copy of my Infinite Variety Revisited  pattern.
And if no one can guess, l will draw a name at random.
l will check in and see how the guessing is going, and give a hint or two if needed!!
Good luck everyone!!

Off out for dinner with some friends who belonged to the first
ever stitching group l started.
Too many years ago to think!!
Well, thanks for visiting.


  1. Hi Linda.. Are you making a dip.....


  2. Are you using these boxes as weight while you tedye some fabric?

  3. Definitely weighting something down - I can't quite see what!!

  4. Hi Linda, are you making Tuna and Chickpea patties for tea? Yummy if your are. What a great prize for your give-away.

  5. Hit the button too quick, or are you making Labne?

  6. Sorry Linda no idea on the guessing.... but I do like the tin from Margaret and Jennifer!

  7. How about spicy tuna and chickpea patties. Just so love all those itty red and white quilts.


  8. Draining the whey from cheese? Gorgeous tin Linda. What special friends you have.

  9. Are you tea dying something or gluing an applique on? Whatever it is, have fun!

  10. Love all those little quilts and thanks for the tip about Darn Cheap Fabrics.
    I usually prepare my salted eggplants in a similar manner to squeeze out the moisture.

  11. Well, looks like you are preparing to make some food. I vote soup? Those new fabrics are very pretty! Love your pattern as well...stunning!

  12. Happy holidays, I am wondering if you are making a chickpeas and tuna patties. Have fun what ever you're cooking and thank you for sharing so much on your blog. I thought maybe you were making a tuna and chickpea salad but I see the Fryingpan is involved.

  13. Expelling the water from a block of tofu.

    Love the mini red and white quilts, every one!

  14. Okay, sounds like I may be way off, but I was thinking you we're steaming a pudding and the plate and cans where weights. Oh well, that's my guess.
    Merry Christmas.

  15. Looks to me like you are pressing the liquid out of something, like egg plant. Or, possibly making a mediterranean dish with those garbanzos.

  16. Your pressing cheese, into a mould and weighing it down, is that fetta? yum yum! ;)

  17. I haven't got a clue as to what you are doing with a can of chickpeas & tuna. Other countries eat lots of different things and this is one of them....don't think I will be coming over for dinner... LOL Enjoy it, whatever you are doing with it.
    Iowa USA

  18. Not something we put together here in the U.S. but I'd give it a go. Hope it's good!

  19. Hummus? It's the only thing I know to make with chick peas! Love all the red quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  20. I think you're straining something.....but what? lol

  21. Pressing or straining a liquid out of something, maybe cheese?

  22. Are you making filafel? I don't think I spelled that correctly. It's a middle eastern dish that is deep fried.

  23. I'm thinking you are making Summer Pudding.....

  24. Definately squeezing the liquard out of something, perhaps making Donkey cheese, cos the tennis player brought it all! Yep thats it, cos for Christmas you got the barn...and there was definately a donkey in the barn when baby Jesus was born!

  25. I think you are weighing down a homemade cheese to press out the excess liquid (Jill Pearce)

  26. I can't imagine. Hurry and tell us!

  27. That's good enough something of a mystery - am looking forward to getting the solution must recognize that in Denmark we do not view niget with the indicated ingredients - so I guess that something is put in pressure during.
    Christmas Greetings Inge Lise Hansen

  28. Hi Linda,
    you're straining the liqued out of a grated cucumber, because you're gonna prepair Tzaziki. That's a Greek apetizer, made from cucumber, yoghurt, garlic, olive oil and a bit salt and peper. You're planning to make a Greek Christmas dinner for your whole family, so now you're trying out the menu...???
    Hi,hi, have a fun Christmas time.

    Many greetings, Jeanneke

  29. obviously you're blocking a paper-pieced block! hahaha.

  30. Love your mini quilts especially the irish chain one


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