Thursday, March 5, 2015

Marg Sampson-George Exhibition 27th and 28th March 2015

Excitement is growing here at Quilts In The Barn!!
Its only 3 weeks till we open the barn doors on what is shaping up to be an amazing exhibition.
Featuring the quilts of Marg Sampson-George
( an amazing teacher from the Blue Mountains in Sydney) and her students,
there has been many sneak peaks flashing around Instagram
and other social media, as many continue to progress towards finished quilts to display.

The lovely Jean, and Liz, along with Marg are the main organisers behind this exhibition.
These 3 ladies  have stitched their little fingers off over the Christmas break
 to make a stunning raffle quilt, which was hand quilted by Trish Harper,
that one very lucky person will win.
Raffle tickets are selling fast, and they can be found in many quilt shops,
 both here in Victoria and other states.
The list can be found on the back of the flyer.

( photo from Broderie Blog)
If you haven't seen the flyer, here is the front,
Proudly supporting Beyond Blue.

And here is the back of the flyer with a little more info.

Here are a couple of sneak peak of just a few of the quilts we will have on exhibit.
Just to wet your appetite!
This one is Marg's.

This one belongs to Denise.

These cute rabbits, which is one of Marg's signature shapes, belongs to Gaye.

This one belongs to Kerry.

This one belongs to Liz ( who is one of the organisers)

This belongs to Moira.

And this one belongs to Verity.

We also have the event below planned for a few nights before the exhibition opens.
This is an amazing opportunity to see inside the mind of an incredible artist.
So, hope you can join us at one or all of the events we have planned.
Its going to be so much fun!!
Be sure and say hello!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. I love all these unique to Australia quilts - really I just do not see anything like this here in the states - have a fun show! I will be looking forward to more photos

  2. I can't wait...... for the pictures that is... unfortunately I live in The Netherlands :-(

  3. Oh, this will be an amazing event - so wish that Canada was right next door to Australia. Take LOTS of pictures, please! and have a wonderful time.

  4. I am another admirer from a distance. Can't wait for more photos!

  5. I wished I would live in Australia as well, but unfortunately just the other end of the world, in the Netherlands. But I look forward to the photos of this great advent, and in the meantime I cherish my Marg Sampson-George pattern "Fly away with me"...

  6. What incredible quilts! It's looking very impressive.:)

  7. Oh how I wish I lived in Australia! At least for the month of March. Have loads of fun and know that all of us in the northern hemisphere are green with envy.


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