Monday, March 14, 2011

An Antique Red and White Quilt from my collection.

Its been a blur of activity around here for the last week. So many last minute things to finalize and plan. We also had interstate visitors for the weekend, and we spent far too much time eating, and talking!!
Its now only 4 sleeps till l hop on the plane to take me on my next quilting adventure.
 l have some wonderfully yummy things planned.
l will be busy for the rest of the week,and don't know how much time l will get to blog while away, so will leave you with this red and white quilt in my collection. l love the quirkyness of this quilt. Did she get sick of making the blocks or was the quilt big enough at this size for the bed she needed it for? So many unanswered questions!! One can only imagine.

Thaks for visiting.



  1. Have a wonderful trip, lucky duck.

  2. Keep those red & white quilts coming. I am so enjoying seeing them all over Blogland.

  3. Have a great trip Linda and don't forget the camera.

  4. I love how a lot of older quilts have half blocks on the side...the lack of concern for perfection, symmetry, approval....if it works just chop those last few blocks in half! Lovely quilt (it has that elusive "smile" factor).
    PS. Any room left in your suitcase to squeeze lil ole me? :o)

  5. looking forward to seeing you soon!
    oh this quilt is wonderful, I agree isn't it fun to wonder why????

  6. I love the make do nature of antique quilts and your red and white quilt exquisite.

  7. What a great quilt quilt! I love the half blocks!!
    Travel safe! Have fun! See you in NYC!

  8. Great Red and White quilt. More to come over the coming weeks. Bon journey and see you in NYC!

  9. Gorgeous quilt...if only it could "talk"..
    Have a great trip, look forward to seeing photos of you with the girls..
    Julia ♥

  10. I love those half blocks! How curious! Enjoy New York. Looking forward to hearing your report! :)

  11. I hope to see you in New York! Thanks for sharing this quirky quilt. I think I can embrace the "why bother if no one will see this side anyway" approach to quilt design.


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