Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Here is another red and white quilt from my collection. Bears paw has been a favorite block of mine for a LONG time. And making a quilt with this block has been on my to do list just as long. But l have found that owning an antique quilt with this block has taken away that urgent need to make this quilt.

See that cupboard below? How can l leave it like that while l jet off around the world?

And with SO MUCH time on my hands this week, what else is a girl to do?
Get busy!!!  My sewing room had become an unpleasant place to be,
so l spent several hours, with my daughters help,  folding and sorting.
And l am too embarrassed to show you a photo of the floor and benches,
 but we did some work on them as well.
 There is still aways to go, but l feel so much better now.
And a bonus is, l am intimately reacquainted with all my fabric,
and can see the gaps that need filling.

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  1. Excellent way to start your trip - with a list of what fabrics you need for your stash. I am sure a stop in Pennsylvania will help you fill the holes. Of course, I love your Bear's Paw quilt. It's a favorite of mine, too. It is time to neaten my own stash and start a red and white quilt project.

  2. Another gorgeous quilt! Great job getting organized. My sewing room is currently a disaster. Hopefully you inspired me to get it back in order.

  3. I love your bears paw quilt, what a beauty. You did good on the tidy up, it was a good idea so you can see what you have to shop for. I know you'll have a fantastic trip, I'll be waiting for you to get back with reports.

  4. Hi Linda, Wishing you a wonderful time away and I am looking forward to seeing pics of all those beautiful red and white quilts that you are going to see.

  5. What a great idea to clean, sort and organize. You'll feel so much better when you return with your fabric bargains!!

    Love bear paw quilts too. Your antique is lovely.

  6. Can you two come to my house and make my fabric closet look just like yours?? Your antique quilt is yummy!

  7. Not much room for all the things that you will bring home, or do you have more room elsewhere? I suspect that you do.
    I hate housework but working in the sewing room never feels like a chore. Well done girls.

  8. oh i love that bears paw quilt , hmmm I need to make a list of red and white quilts I want to make now...guess I need to invest in a few bolts of reds :)
    cleaning up the sewing room is the best thing ever, so much better to work in and amazing the fabrics we do have! So excited to see you in one week from today, your going to be thrilled with these antique quilts!!!!!


  9. Come clean MY sewing room! :)

    Love the bear paw quilt!


  10. Great to get reacquainted with you collection before you jet off to the USA. I am sure you will find plenty to fill the gaps whilst you are there.

  11. I did the same to my fabrics a few weeks ago. I found some old favorites I'd forgotten I had and was so happy to see them again! Have a fantastic time in New York and please take lots of pictures for those of us who aren't as lucky and have to stay home.

  12. Redwork and red and white quilts are my passion. It looks like you guys had fun. Would have loved to join you.


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