Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tomato's in my sleep!!!

This is what l have been doing this week!! Our vege garden is in full swing,
and it's almost a full time job keeping up with the tomato's.
8 trays went through the oven, with some onion and garlic and herbs,

 and l ended up with this bowl full of yummy roasted tomato's,
that will become soup and sauce for pasta this weekend.

 Then more tomato's and red peppers, a few spices and some other stuff,

 became these glistening jars of my favorite tomato chutney.

 We had a birth in the family yesterday. This as yet unnamed girl chose a
chilly day in autumn to make an appearance.

 She's pretty cute!! Now she needs a name worthy of a princess.

 My bags are packed and l am heading out the door soon, on a 4 day sewing retreat at Sorrento. Loads of projects, some started, some not, fill these bags. And as we are sewing red and white quilts this weekend, l thought l would bring a few of my antique quilts as inspiration and to sleep under.

Can anyone see if l forgot anything???

l will be back next week with some pics of what we got up to!!

Thanks for visiting.


  1. What a sweet baby!!

    Have a really great time away sewing!

  2. you forgot to take me!!!

  3. Hi Linda. What a little cutie your new family member is!!! and what fun to do some research into Incan history or mythology for a name for her.
    I'm sure you'll enjoy your Sorrento retreat - looks like you have plenty of projects to keep you occupied!
    all the best, Kate (PS I am just a wee bit jealous of your upcoming trip to see the Red and White exhibition.)

  4. How nice that it's fresh tomato season where you are. We won't have good local tomatoes for another 5 months. Your chutney looks great.

  5. What a full life you have!

  6. I am getting hungry just looking at your delicious goodness here!
    Have fun at your retreat!

  7. Yummy! it will be a bit before we will have nice fresh tomatoes. Enjoy your retreat!

  8. RED and WHITE quilts, RED tomatoes in the pot, WHITE alpacas in the meadow.
    Here is the red and white color home !! :D
    btw. I love Alpacss,they have such beautiful eyes.


  9. That little Alpaca is so sweet. Why anything in miniature is so lovely that does included Quilts. Enjoy your sewing retreat.

  10. I'm so incredibly jealous. I have been sitting here just dreaming about my garden! I used to have Llamas. MY llama (we all had one that was our personal show llama) was named Felicia. Congrats on the baby! Adoreable!!!!!

  11. I wish I could grow tomatoes like that. I have a good friend who has Alpacas and Llama's, they're all her babies, your new one is sweet. I guess we'll hear all about the retreat when you get back.

  12. Your cooking posts always make me want to go to the kitchen and start cooking! Love your new little princess! Have fun in Sorrento.


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