Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home from Retreat. Beware!! Red overload!!

We had such a wonderful weekend. And the photos will show what
 a productive group we were.First off, l needed to finish this top,
which had been languishing in the cupboard.
All it needed was the sawtooth border stitched around the edges.
 Its  off to the machine quilter later this week,  where she will work her magic.

Then l got busy cutting this pile of red and whites.

And stitching more of these blocks.

The red love was flowing around the table. 

Those machines were running HOT!!

Sandra was busy adding rows to her top.

We started playing with my blocks,

and found more than 1 way to set this top.

Everyone had an opinion,

and  a play!!

Of course, there were a few red rebels busy at their machines,
here's Margaret working on some blocks with fabric from an Old Aunts stash.

Chris was busy making 21st birthday quilts for her daughters girlfriend.

Anne was buried deep in concentration, trying to make row 3 work.
There was some colorful language coming from this part of the room!!

We even took some time to do a bit of food staging!!

Randi, ( my travel partner when l go to NYC next week) sent me a photo of a red and white quilt she just completed. Sandra was so inspired, she quickly cut some fabric and made a block.

We played some more with the sizing for our next swap.
Now l have to make 60 of these little beauties.

By the end of the weekend Jill had her beautiful toile red and white quilt together.

This one is Sandra's finished top. Like Jill, she just used 2 fabrics.

Margaret had a good pile of her blocks finished.

Anne finally managed to tame row 3 and had these to show for her weekends sewing.

Lizzie made a good dint in her  pile of fabrics,
and is well on her way to having this top completed.

And l had enough blocks made, that we started playing with border options.

A girlfriend called around for lunch on Sunday, and brought her current work in progress.
Of course, it had to be red and white!! Just love it.

The weekend came to a close far to soon, we packed up our fabrics and projects,
 cleaned the house and headed home.
 Happy, content, exhausted and most importantly INSPIRED!!

And if you still crave more red and white quilts, pop on over to see Taryn,
who is hosting an online Red and White Quilt Exhibit.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed being a fly on the wall at our retreat!!



  1. It looks like you had a terrific time at the retreat! And a productive time as well. Enjoy your trip to NYC. It's one of my favorite places to visit!

  2. I LOVE all the red in your weekend retreat! When do you go to New York? I'll be there on Friday the 25th.

  3. WOW! That's my word of the day for all the red and white love that is going around these days. I'm SO excited!

  4. I can never get enough red and white. What a fabulous weekend. I could feel the energy and friendship bubble and leap off the screen.

  5. Wow, what a lot of busy bees you girls were...you all got so much done...well done!
    love the red and white blocks.
    Julia ♥

  6. What a delightful post on my favourite colour Linda. I love all of it and your blocks are fabulous. I can't wait to see your completed top all quited. Thanks for sharing it all.

  7. Everyone's red and white quilts are beautiful! Enjoy NYC and bring back pics.

  8. Looks like you all worked really hard and the things you produced are really gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Definately NOT a red overload for me! Loved, loved, loved all the wonderful photos.

  10. I for one love all the red. It is interesting how many choices there are for your quilt setting.

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Red and White is in the air, everywhere. I will be heading you NY with some friends as well. We will be there Saturday. Can wait to see all those lovely red and white quilts!

  12. Were all just warming up to the red and white quilts!! I like the setting you ended up choosing for your blocks.
    What a fantastic time with friends!!

  13. oh my I just love all these quilts
    so fun!
    I had better get busy cutting the fabrics and start sewing!
    LOVE the first quilt, perfect choice!

  14. Lots of inspiration, thanks Linda

  15. I love them all! Tell Anne, her efforts (and salty language) paid off! Love her blocks, too. Did you have a red & white theme for your retreat, or did that just work out? I'm thinking that would be kind of fun....a 'themed' retreat....


  16. Wow! Such pretty projects! Ya'll had fun!

  17. Looks like you had a great time and productive too! Have a fabulous trip (not the least bit green!!!!!!) Can't wait to see the photos and hear all about it. Safe travels, Meredithe


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